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Mental trauma after a workplace accident

The consequences of a work-related injury can shatter someone’s life in countless ways, whether they lose the ability to walk for the rest of their life or they have to take several weeks off to recover from a broken arm. However, these accidents can shatter a worker’s life in additional ways, some of which may be hard for others to detect. For example, those involved in a job-related accident may struggle with mental trauma following the incident, and this trauma can be very devastating also.

What are some facts about workplace accidents?

Regardless of where you work in California, there is always a risk for a workplace injury. Not all injuries are severe, but many of them do result in time off work, which can affect the whole business. Many people work in jobs where they think they will never have to worry about workplace accidents, but when looking at the statistics, you may be surprised what you learn about the most common injuries. Just because you may not work in one of the top most dangerous fields does not mean you are never going to suffer an injury.

What do you need to know about cumulative trauma claims?

Cumulative trauma injuries are those that develop over time as a result of excessive wear and tear on a certain muscle, tendon or nerve. Cumulative trauma disorder can develop as a result of work repetition, positioning or force. Examples of CTD include carpal tunnel, tenosynovitis, Raynaud’s Syndrome and De Quervain’s Disease. CTDs are a major occupational issue in California and throughout the United States and affect approximately three percent of the adult population. If left untreated, they can lead to chronic pain, swelling, reduced function or complete loss of function. For this reason, CDS are usually compensable work injuries in California.

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