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Construction worker accident factors

Residents in California who work in the construction industry or who have loved ones employed in a construction job know that the risk of experiencing an injury can be quite high on a job site. There are laws and regulations in place that mandate certain safety protocol and training processes but there is also the need for companies to properly follow those and create a true culture of safety. Sadly, this does not always seem to happen.

Can emotional stress impact your ability to work?

Many physical injuries can prevent you from working while you recover or if you are permanently disabled. Whether you are healing from a moderate concussion after hitting your head on an office cabinet or suffering from the long-term complications of a broken spine after falling from scaffolding, you probably know that you can file a workers’ compensation claim for these injuries. You and other Californians may wonder if the same can apply for job-related emotional stress.

How to avoid a slip-and-fall accident

Slip and fall accidents are one of the common workplace incidents to occur across many industries throughout the country. Whether you work in an office building, a warehouse or at a construction site, there can be situations where a slip and fall accident is inevitable. These types of accidents can be relatively minor. However, they have the potential to cause serious damage and may result in long-term injuries that could affect your life for years to come. While your employer is ultimately responsible for keeping your workplace safe and free from potential dangers that may cause a slip and fall incident to occur, there are things you can do to minimize your risk of becoming involved in such an accident. 

Can you get lung disease from work?

When you punch into work each day, you may not realize that your working environment can have an affect on your short-term and long-term health. You may be exposed to certain stimuli at work on a daily basis, which could in turn, take a toll on your overall physical wellbeing. One of the most common occupational injuries involves lung disease, asthma, pneumonia, silicosis and COPD. In fact, occupational lung diseases are the leading cause of work-related illnesses in the country, according to the American Lung Association. Yet, they are preventable, and employers are responsible for ensuring workers are able to perform in a safe work environment. 

Returning to work with a TBI: What you should know

Once you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, there are a myriad of issues you must work through to get back on your feet. Depending on the severity of your brain injury, as well as where the injury is located, you may have to go through different types of rehabilitation. You may face issues involving cognitive difficulties, physical weakness, insomnia, trouble communicating, depression, anxiety, memory issues and trouble reasoning or problem solving. In some cases, you may face challenges when going back to work and resuming the tasks that you once completed rather easily. 

Developing a safety management program that works

Many California companies recognize the seriousness of a workplace accident and openly acknowledge that extreme incidents could immediately compromise their organization. To mitigate the risks of hiring employees and relying on them to assume responsibility for operating critical parts of the company, corporate leaders often go to great lengths to develop and implement a functioning safety management program. 

Rehab provider accused of exploiting patients for labor

There are certain industries operating in Glendale whose workers (due to the nature of the work) are at an increased risk of injury. However, employers in these industries are likely aware of those risks, and are thus expected to take steps in order to protect their employees. This includes providing safety equipment and not requiring employees to work in extreme conditions. Yet some may question whether that same standard is applied to subcontractors who send workers out to various job sites to perform a wide array of tasks. 

What are some facts about workplace accidents?

Regardless of where you work in California, there is always a risk for a workplace injury. Not all injuries are severe, but many of them do result in time off work, which can affect the whole business. Many people work in jobs where they think they will never have to worry about workplace accidents, but when looking at the statistics, you may be surprised what you learn about the most common injuries. Just because you may not work in one of the top most dangerous fields does not mean you are never going to suffer an injury.

What are your options for reporting a safety violation at work?

When you were first hired for your job in California, you probably received training that informed you about how to do your job and how to manage any hazards that you may encounter along the way. Your employer may have even provided you with instructions for reporting hazards that could cause a danger to you and your coworkers. However, if your employer is showing negligence in assessing hazards and implementing solutions to mitigate their danger, you may be considering submitting a complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

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