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How do I report a workplace safety issue?

You have the right to expect a safe work environment in California. If you see a safety hazard, you may wonder if you should call the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, calling OSHA is not always the right first move. Sometimes alternative options are a better choice.

Understanding why you are being asked for a drug test

You are recovering from an injury sustained in an accident at work. Thankfully, your physical recovery is going well and you are feeling optimistic about returning to work. However, you are still conflicted about why you were asked to submit drug testing results following your accident. At Glauber/Berenson Attorneys, we have helped many injured employees in California to become better educated about the purpose of worker's compensation and their rights as an injured employee. 

Should trains have to have a minimum number of crew members?

If you are a railroad worker in California, then you understand the risks involved in the job. It is thought that fewer accidents may occur if there are more workers required onboard the train. It is thought, according to The Hill, that having more workers on a train can help to prevent serious accidents due to common issues that overworked railroad employees combat regularly.

What are some common causes of accidents in the workplace?

Many people in Glendale underestimate how safe their work environments are. They fall into a false sense of security and believe themselves invincible until a workplace accident causes them severe injury. Many workers experience financial challenges when they are injured so badly that they cannot return to work. According to the Insurance Journal, “serious workplace injuries and ailments are those that cause workers to miss more than six consecutive days of work.” 

Construction accident results in woman's death

The construction industry is easily one of the riskier industries to work in. Many California construction workers are familiar with the dangers of working around heavy machinery and equipment. They also face the risk of falling from heights or being hit with debris. While many companies go to great lengths to implement protocols to protect their workers, sometimes accidents still happen. 

Three tips to improve workplace safety

Workplace accidents occur frequently in the U.S. In 2016, nearly 2,700 workers lost their lives on the job. Sometimes, workplace injuries may be the fault of the employer, while other times they may occur due to an employee’s negligence. Nevertheless, it is the employer’s responsibility to take certain precautions to ensure that unnecessary accidents are avoided.

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