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What are some facts about workplace accidents?

Regardless of where you work in California, there is always a risk for a workplace injury. Not all injuries are severe, but many of them do result in time off work, which can affect the whole business. Many people work in jobs where they think they will never have to worry about workplace accidents, but when looking at the statistics, you may be surprised what you learn about the most common injuries. Just because you may not work in one of the top most dangerous fields does not mean you are never going to suffer an injury.

What are your options for reporting a safety violation at work?

When you were first hired for your job in California, you probably received training that informed you about how to do your job and how to manage any hazards that you may encounter along the way. Your employer may have even provided you with instructions for reporting hazards that could cause a danger to you and your coworkers. However, if your employer is showing negligence in assessing hazards and implementing solutions to mitigate their danger, you may be considering submitting a complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Using a hazard control plan to reduce workplace injuries

Regardless of the industry in California, all workers face unique risks each day when they go to work. While some face a higher number of risks than others, each person must understand the hazards of their job and how to effectively mitigate them to stay safe at work and perform their job effectively. 

Reviewing the "Fatal Four"

Your work in construction allows you to personally contribute to the growth of cities like Glendale. Yet with these work-related rewards also comes the risks inherent with the construction industry. You likely understand that your job can be dangerous, yet are you familiar with the common dangers that practitioners in your field face? Many who come to see us here at Glauber Berenson Vego are not, yet they are often shocked to discover that the statistics showing such information are readily available. Furthermore, it is often surprising how, in light of this data, your employer may still not be adequately protecting you from common "on-the-job" risks. 

Tesla plant under OSHA inspection

Many people in California are proud to live in a state that is the hotbed of a lot of innovation. Certainly, California is home to many companies that are leading the way in new technologies and products that may have dramatic impacts on society. The evolution of autonomous vehicles is one of these innovations and Tesla is just one company that is actively involved in developing these types of vehicles.

What should be included in on-the-job safety training?

One of the easiest ways to ensure a California job site is safe is for employers to provide workers with proper safety training. Safety training covers a lot of ground, but it is only as good as the information presented, which is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets some guidelines for employers when putting together a safety program.

What are causes of workplace back injuries?

California workers that sustain back injuries on the job likely wonder how they could have avoided getting hurt in the first place. Given the unexpected nature of so many back injuries, it is important to look at common causes of back injuries to try and prevent them from happening. Avoiding injury can save workers pain, suffering and the distress of losing days at work while trying to heal.

How does OSHA keep workplaces safe?

Workplace injuries are something that everyone wants to avoid. Employers in California take certain steps to help make your workspace safer. Many of the guidelines, regulations and rules about workplace safety are designed and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is a government agency that reviews accidents to help keep everyone safe when they are at work.

What are common job-related repetitive stress injuries?

When you think of workplace injuries, the first thought to run through your mind might involve the type of injuries that happen suddenly and are immediately apparent. Not all job injuries are acute. Many workplace injuries develop over time from repetitive motions. If you have a job in the Glendale area that requires you to perform certain movements repetitively, make sure you are using the proper techniques to prevent muscle and tendon strains, soreness and discomfort that can occur from overuse. 

Can you prevent getting hurt at work with proper self-care?

Depending on the industry you work in, you are subject to unique risks tied to the job responsibilities you are assigned each day. If you work in an especially dangerous industry in California, chances are your employer has gone to extensive lengths to put parameters in place to protect you and your cohorts. However, you can also reduce your risk of getting injured simply by taking good care of yourself and making sure you are fully prepared for work each day. 

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