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Voters Injured At Work

At Glauber Berenson Vego, our commitment to providing you the most support through your legal process has prompted us to provide you with tools and information to help prepare you regarding your case.

Help For Voters Injured At Work

The purpose of this organization is to provide education to attorneys about Workers’ Compensation law, and to provide information to lawmakers about how new laws affect workers.

There have been numerous changes in California law affecting injured workers. Many good laws that have passed were promoted by the California Applicant’s Attorney Association (CAAA). Many bad proposed laws were defeated by our efforts. Everyone has an interest in providing quality medical care, so that workers with temporary and permanent disability get adequate benefits and need not resort to going on welfare or otherwise be unable to support themselves.

California Applicant’s Attorney Association (CAAA)

CAAA has been representing the interest of injured workers in Sacramento because we know your problems and understand how changes in the law can hurt or help you, the injured worker. The new laws being passed are terrible for injured workers. They make it hard for injured workers to get the adequate medical care. You can no longer expect your lawyer, or the Democrats (or Republicans) in the legislature to stand up to the big money interests without your help.

However, the CAAA has recognized this problem and has helped to set up an organization of injured workers. Its is called Voters Injured at Work (VIAW). The organization will keep you informed about who is voting against you, and who is representing your interests in the legislature, so that come election day you can work intelligently.

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Our firm feels very strongly about this organization and its ability to help injured workers. Thus, if you currently have an open case with our firm, and you can provide us with proof that you paid the membership fee to join, we will reduce our fee at the end of your case by that same amount.

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