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Back & Neck Injuries

A back injury can happen all at once with a popping sound or develop over time into chronic debilitating back pain. Did you feel a snap while moving a heavy piece of equipment at work? Could years behind a computer without an ergonomic assessment have caused your injury? Employees who suffer on-the-job back and neck injuries are entitled to California workers’ compensation benefits.

The law firm of Glauber Berenson Vego focuses solely on workers’ compensation law and assisting injured workers in the Glendale/Pasadena area as well as across the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys in Southern California. Our lawyers will explain the laws and benefits available after reviewing your case.

Report An Accident And Injury Right Away

Routine lifting is a part of many jobs ranging from delivery services, nursing and construction to child care. One wrong step or the loss of grip can leave you in pain. It is important to immediately report an injury accident to your employer. If you take sick days, because you didn’t think the injury was serious, it could later make your workers’ compensation claim more complicated.

After reporting the accident to your employer, speak to one of our attorneys. We will help you obtain appropriate medical treatment — the doctor you see does matter — and appropriate benefits whether through workers’ compensation or state disability. We will keep in touch with you over the course of your recovery.

We recognize treating a back injury may require surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic care and rest. We will advocate for all necessary treatment, adequate time for you to heal and possible accommodations such as light duty when you return to work.

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