All Employers Must Be Vigilant About Accident Prevention

June 26, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Workplaces should be reasonably safe for all workers. Regardless of what industry a company is in, the employers play a critical role in this because the onus is on them to provide that safe place. This must be done via having a proper plan established and by providing workers with the appropriate safety gear.

Many of the ways that they can do this are simple safety precautions that can help to keep employees and visitors from getting into accidents that cause injuries. Some are common sense measures, such as keeping the floors cleaned and free from debris.

The employer needs to take the initiative with other areas of the safety plan. Each job within a company comes with specific risks. These might include repetitive use injuries, inhalation of fumes or chemicals, exposure to heat and noise, falls and workplace violence.

Methods to help keep injuries to a minimum vary according to the hazard. Special equipment, such as ergonomic keyboards may help to prevent repetitive use injuries for people who type a lot. Lifting devices can prevent back injuries for people who have to move heavy objects. Hearing protection can help with loud noises and respirators may prevent inhalation concerns.

Workers who are injured on the job should remember that workers’ compensation should cover their medical bills. If they have to remain off work for a prolonged time, the coverage may include partial wage replacement benefits. The employer shouldn’t attempt to place the blame on the worker; however, workers should be ready to appeal decisions that are made in error. Time limits apply so be sure to pay close attention to the information in notices you receive.