2024 GBV Educational Scholarship

Every worker deserves a safe workplace. However, not all employers meet this responsibility, leading to workplace injuries. At Glauber Berenson Vego, we’re passionate about this issue and excited to introduce the 2024 GBV Educational Scholarship! We are asking students to share their insights on workplace injuries and suggest ways employers and/or the government can enhance safety. The best essay, along with a school transcript and professional resume, will secure the scholarship award for educational expenses. Apply now by visiting our scholarship page.

2024 GBV Service Scholarship

At Glauber Berenson Vego, we are embracing the power of service with our 2024 GBV Service Scholarship! Join us in highlighting those who transformed communities locally and globally through volunteering and aid. Students are encouraged to share how they serve others in their lives in a 750-1000 word essay alongside their school transcript and professional resume. To learn more about this $1,000 opportunity, visit our scholarship page!