What Are Some Common Office Injuries?

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December 18
What Are Some Common Office Injuries?
When you think about on-the-job accidents and injuries in California, you may not immediately think...
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December 01
What Are Your Options For Reporting A Safety Violation At Work?
When you were first hired for your job in California, you probably received training that...
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November 17
Using A Hazard Control Plan To Reduce Workplace Injuries
Regardless of the industry in California, all workers face unique risks each day when they...
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November 08
Reviewing The “Fatal Four”
Your work in construction allows you to personally contribute to the growth of cities like...
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November 02
Falls At Work Can Lead To Many Kinds Of Injuries
There’s a reason that many companies require non-slip shoes for jobs ranging from manufacturing work...
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October 24
What Are Temporary Disability Benefits?
There are several different types of benefits you could receive from workers’ compensation in California....
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October 09
How Do I Report A Workplace Safety Issue?
You have the right to expect a safe work environment in California. If you see...
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September 23
Tesla Plant Under OSHA Inspection
Many people in California are proud to live in a state that is the hotbed...
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September 10
Workers’ Compensation In California: The Basics
If you work in the construction industry in the Glendale area, you already know you...
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September 10
When Should I Report An Injury To My Employer?
The workplace can be fraught with hazards, and injuries are not uncommon. If you happen...
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August 28
What Should Be Included In On-The-Job Safety Training?
One of the easiest ways to ensure a California job site is safe is for...
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August 14
Understanding Why You Are Being Asked For A Drug Test
You are recovering from an injury sustained in an accident at work. Thankfully, your physical...
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August 01
Can Self-Employed Persons Get Workers’ Compensation Coverage?
If you work for yourself, there are some protections and benefits you may not get...
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July 18
What Are Causes Of Workplace Back Injuries?
California workers that sustain back injuries on the job likely wonder how they could have...
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July 17
How Does California Law Keep Hotel Housekeepers Safe?
Housekeeping staff working in California hotels face numerous risks every day on the job. To...
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July 02
Should Trains Have To Have A Minimum Number Of Crew Members?
If you are a railroad worker in California, then you understand the risks involved in...
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June 19
What Benefits Are Offered Through Workers’ Compensation?
If you are injured at work in California, then your employer likely carries workers’ compensation...
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June 05
How Does OSHA Keep Workplaces Safe?
Workplace injuries are something that everyone wants to avoid. Employers in California take certain steps...
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May 27
What Are Some Common Causes Of Accidents In The Workplace?
Many people in Glendale underestimate how safe their work environments are. They fall into a false...
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May 21
Roofers Must Use Safe Work Site Practices
Roofing is a very hazardous line of work. Not only do these workers have to...
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May 07
Construction Accident Results In Woman’s Death
The construction industry is easily one of the riskier industries to work in. Many California...
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April 27
What Can Cause My Workers’ Compensation Claim To Be Denied?
Many Glendale area employees assume they will receive workers’ compensation benefits if they become injured...
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April 13
What Are Common Job-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries?
When you think of workplace injuries, the first thought to run through your mind might...
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March 27
Can You Prevent Getting Hurt At Work With Proper Self-Care?
Depending on the industry you work in, you are subject to unique risks tied to...
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March 26
Follow These 7 Ladder Safety Tips At Work
Do you use a ladder at your place of employment? Do you ever wonder if...
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March 16
Who Is Required To Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
The fear of being injured on the job may not keep you up at night...
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March 01
Three Tips To Improve Workplace Safety
Workplace accidents occur frequently in the U.S. In 2016, nearly 2,700 workers lost their lives on the...
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February 06
4 Types Of Construction Accidents You Should Watch Out For
Working on a construction site in Glendale can be extremely dangerous. Even if you follow...
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