Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Depression

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October 29
Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Depression
Were one to ask the average working professional in Glendale if their job was a...
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October 09
Construction Worker Accident Factors
Residents in California who work in the construction industry or who have loved ones employed...
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October 07
Common Reasons For Injuries On Construction Sites
The construction industry is potentially one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Construction...
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September 30
Can Emotional Stress Impact Your Ability To Work?
Many physical injuries can prevent you from working while you recover or if you are...
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September 26
Can Spinal Fusion Treatments Help With Your Back Pain?
As a construction worker in California, you face a high risk of injury. If you...
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August 31
New Bill For Worker Injury Reporting With Governor
People who live and work in California should always feel that they will be properly...
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August 20
How To Avoid A Slip-And-Fall Accident
Slip and fall accidents are one of the common workplace incidents to occur across many...
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August 13
Biohazard Injuries Can Lead To Compensation Claims
When most people think of biohazards in the workplace, what comes to mind usually are...
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August 07
Can You Get Lung Disease From Work?
When you punch into work each day, you may not realize that your working environment...
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July 22
Are Temps In Danger Of On-The-Job Accidents?
There are many companies throughout California and across the country that provide temporary workers to...
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July 09
Returning To Work With A TBI: What You Should Know
Once you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, there are a myriad of...
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June 27
Trench Collapses Can Be Fatal
One of the deadliest accidents on a construction site is a trench collapse. Due to...
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June 24
What Scaffolding Hazards Should Construction Workers Know About?
As you know, construction sites are not uncommon in a busy and growing state like...
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June 06
What Do I Do If I Disagree With My Doctor?
A worker who is injured and seeks payment for medical treatment under workers’ compensation can choose a...
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May 23
What Do Safety Sign Colors Mean?
As a California worker, you have likely been instructed on how to keep an eye...
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May 04
Developing A Safety Management Program That Works
Many California companies recognize the seriousness of a workplace accident and openly acknowledge that extreme...
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April 29
Rehab Provider Accused Of Exploiting Patients For Labor
There are certain industries operating in Glendale whose workers (due to the nature of the...
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April 22
Female Workers Must Use Specialized Equipment In Construction
While female workers want to be treated the same as everyone else when it comes...
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April 13
What Are Some Facts About Workplace Accidents?
Regardless of where you work in California, there is always a risk for a workplace...
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April 09
What Resources Can I Use To Learn About Workers’ Compensation?
While you may know about the California workers’ compensation system, you may find that you...
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March 22
Mental Trauma After A Workplace Accident
The consequences of a work-related injury can shatter someone’s life in countless ways, whether they...
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March 03
What Do You Need To Know About Cumulative Trauma Claims?
Cumulative trauma injuries are those that develop over time as a result of excessive wear...
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February 25
Safety Practices Integral On Construction Sites
Like in other areas of California, the construction industry in Glendale is one of the...
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February 08
Job-Related Stress And Auto Accidents
Motor vehicle collisions occur for different reasons, but a driver’s emotional state can play a...
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January 30
How Do I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim?
If you suffer an injury while at work in California, you can file a workers’...
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January 16
What Are The Risks Of Working With Or Around Forklifts?
If you work around forklifts, you have to be aware of the risks they pose...
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January 02
Nurse’s Aides Suffer More Injuries Than Construction Workers
When you think of physically laborious jobs, certainly construction work would be in the top...
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January 01
Could Social Media Lead To A Worker’s Compensation Denial?
Most people use social media these days. Often social media accounts become almost like a...
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