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What are causes of workplace back injuries?

California workers that sustain back injuries on the job likely wonder how they could have avoided getting hurt in the first place. Given the unexpected nature of so many back injuries, it is important to look at common causes of back injuries to try and prevent them from happening. Avoiding injury can save workers pain, suffering and the distress of losing days at work while trying to heal.

OSHA points out that attempting to lift a heavy load is one of the main causes of injuries in the workplace. Improper lifting can result in injuries to the back and shoulders, and may include pulling muscles and spraining the back. Wrists, elbows, legs or the worker's spine may also suffer damage. Harmful lifting practices can take a number of forms.

How does California law keep hotel housekeepers safe?

Housekeeping staff working in California hotels face numerous risks every day on the job. To prevent these workers from enduring undue risks and unnecessary injuries, the state of California has created the Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP).

The MIPP helps to keep hotel workers safe by requiring hotels to develop a system for safeguarding the health and well-being of its cleaning staff.More about MIPP requirements

Should trains have to have a minimum number of crew members?

If you are a railroad worker in California, then you understand the risks involved in the job. It is thought that fewer accidents may occur if there are more workers required onboard the train. It is thought, according to The Hill, that having more workers on a train can help to prevent serious accidents due to common issues that overworked railroad employees combat regularly.

For example, the current rule is that there only has to be one worker on the train, then that does not leave much room for things to go wrong. If that worker gets injured or sick, there is no other worker left to do the work. Furthermore, there is an increased danger of being overworked and suffering from issues, such as fatigue.

What benefits are offered through workers' compensation?

If you are injured at work in California, then your employer likely carries workers' compensation insurance that will help you with the financial burden of the injury. This insurance allows you to be protected for an accident that is not your fault and that could cost you a lot of money in medical care, not to mention it may take you away from work, so you can no longer earn a living. All of that is factored into the workers' compensation plan so you are taken care of when you are injured on the job.

According to the Department of Workers' Compensation, when you have an on-the-job accident, you can file for benefits. When your claim is approved, you may be entitled to payment for your medical care and lost wages.

How does OSHA keep workplaces safe?

Workplace injuries are something that everyone wants to avoid. Employers in California take certain steps to help make your workspace safer. Many of the guidelines, regulations and rules about workplace safety are designed and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is a government agency that reviews accidents to help keep everyone safe when they are at work.

Your employer probably has signs and offers other information about safety that comes straight from OSHA. Depending on what type of work environment you have, you may also use safety equipment or have to wear certain items to keep you safe. OSHA also analyzes dangers in the workplace to help find ways to make them less dangerous, even those things that are inherently dangerous, such as explosives.

What are some common causes of accidents in the workplace?

Many people in Glendale underestimate how safe their work environments are. They fall into a false sense of security and believe themselves invincible until a workplace accident causes them severe injury. Many workers experience financial challenges when they are injured so badly that they cannot return to work. According to the Insurance Journal, “serious workplace injuries and ailments are those that cause workers to miss more than six consecutive days of work.” 

Improper use of equipment 

Roofers must use safe work site practices

Roofing is a very hazardous line of work. Not only do these workers have to do their job at considerable heights, but they have to deal with potentially steep roof pitches and surfaces that aren't always easy to work on. It is imperative that these individuals use safe work site practices.

Companies who employ roofers are responsible for having the proper equipment and protocol in place to ensure workers can do their jobs safely. Here are some of the basics that apply to all roofing situations:

Construction accident results in woman's death

The construction industry is easily one of the riskier industries to work in. Many California construction workers are familiar with the dangers of working around heavy machinery and equipment. They also face the risk of falling from heights or being hit with debris. While many companies go to great lengths to implement protocols to protect their workers, sometimes accidents still happen. 

In a recent construction accident in South Carolina, a worker was crushed which resulted in fatal injuries. The woman was part of a group of people working on a construction site near Columbia when the accident occurred. She was operating a scissor lift when for an unknown reason, she became trapped between the railing and the ceiling. The impact crushed the woman and she was rushed to a local hospital. Later on, she was pronounced dead. An investigation is ongoing into what caused the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was informed of the accident as well and plan to execute a full investigation. 

What can cause my workers’ compensation claim to be denied?

Many Glendale area employees assume they will receive workers’ compensation benefits if they become injured or seriously ill at work. Though their employers’ insurance covers them, there is still the possibility of their workers’ compensation claim being denied. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “workers’ compensation claims must meet certain criteria before injured workers can receive compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.” 

The workers’ compensation system is complex. Sometimes individuals who legitimately deserve workers’ compensation benefits end having their claims denied. Here are some common causes for denial. 

What are common job-related repetitive stress injuries?

When you think of workplace injuries, the first thought to run through your mind might involve the type of injuries that happen suddenly and are immediately apparent. Not all job injuries are acute. Many workplace injuries develop over time from repetitive motions. If you have a job in the Glendale area that requires you to perform certain movements repetitively, make sure you are using the proper techniques to prevent muscle and tendon strains, soreness and discomfort that can occur from overuse. 

According to Insurance Journal, repetitive motion trauma is a leading cause of workplace injury for workers. Common types of repetitive stress injuries include the following: 

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Stenosing tenosynovitis 
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