The Injury Risks Faced By Cashiers

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December 21
The Injury Risks Faced By Cashiers
People who are old enough to remember when cashiers had to pick up each item...
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December 09
Wrist Injuries Are Common Among Workers
Did you know that work-related wrist injuries account for 3.6% of all workplace injuries? They...
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December 07
What’s The Most Dangerous Part Of Construction Work?
If you work in construction or have a loved one who does, you’ve probably already...
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December 02
Are Latino Workers in California More Vulnerable To Getting Hurt On The Job Than Others?
The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations’ (AFL-CIO) 2019 report, titled “Death...
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November 30
Understanding The Types Of Workers’ Comp Medical Evaluators In California
If you’ve suffered a work-related injury or illness here in California, two terms you may...
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November 02
Glendale Tackles Post-Traumatic Stress With New Program
It’s horrible to see hard-working people struggling with anxiety, depression, night terrors and panic attacks....
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October 20
Fallen Objects May Be Deadly: Prepare In Your Workplace
Out of all the things that could injure you on the job, falling tools are...
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October 08
Report Workplace Injuries Quickly
If you get hurt on the job, you should report it as quickly as you...
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October 06
The Long-Term Dangers Of Using Vibrating Power Tools
Even if you never suffer an on-the-job accident, construction work puts a lot of wear...
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September 28
Your Rights To Rehabilitation As An Injured Worker
Being injured at work could mean that you are unable to earn an income for...
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September 23
What Types Of Benefits Can Injured Workers In California Receive?
When you get up in the morning to head for work, the last thing you...
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September 10
Back Injuries Can Happen In Any Job
When you hear about people claiming workers’ compensation insurance because they injured their back at...
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August 26
Latino And Immigrant Workers Are At Increased Risk On The Job
Most people who immigrate to the United States do so because they want a better...
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August 13
You Have An Important Role To Play When Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits
After an on-the-job injury, workers’ compensation is there to help you manage your finances and...
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July 30
Highway Workers Deserve A Safe Environment
The roadways in California are often repaired, upgraded and altered. The workers who handle these...
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July 27
Injured Workers Have The Right To Interpretation At The Hospital
For immigrant workers, getting hurt on the job can cause many other problems. An injury...
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July 18
Summer Risks For California Workers
In the middle of July, temperatures are soaring in California and all across the United...
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July 07
Lifting Hazards For Nurses
When you think of workplace injuries, you might automatically consider things like falls and similar...
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June 26
All Employers Must Be Vigilant About Accident Prevention
Workplaces should be reasonably safe for all workers. Regardless of what industry a company is...
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June 15
Beware The “Fatal 4” In Construction
Construction companies complete projects all across the state, but many of the workers at these...
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June 04
The Dangers Of Working In A Hospital
When people discuss the most dangerous jobs, they often discuss the careers that have the...
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May 29
California Is In The Top 5 Deadliest States For Road Workers
California is crossed with surface roads and freeways that help people get where they need...
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May 05
New Workers Get Injured More
Did you just land a new job? Maybe you’ve been trying to break into the...
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April 24
When You’re Injured Outside Of The Company’s Doors
You stumble and fall on a piece of broken concrete in the parking lot outside...
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April 17
Working Road Construction? Stay Safe With These Tips
In many areas, the first real signs of spring are the road construction crews that...
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April 08
What Risks Do Warehouse Workers Face?
You often hear a lot about construction, fishing, firefighting and other well-known, high-risk occupations when...
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April 07
What Are The Top Dangers On Construction Sites?
Working in the construction industry is a dream come true for many. Even though there...
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April 01
What Are The Most Dangerous Occupations?
Construction is often cited as the most dangerous occupation based on the total number of...
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March 24
How Can Construction Workers Control Risks?
Construction workers know they have to face risks. They can’t avoid them. They use power...
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March 12
What Are The Most Dangerous Occupations In The United States?
Every occupation has its hazards — but some jobs are simply more dangerous than others....
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March 09
The Dangers Of Road Construction Work
Due to the high demands of increased traffic, road construction work on aging highways is...
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January 23
Are All Employees Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
Workers may not always know what routes to take if injured at the workplace. The...
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January 21
Could Certain Jobs Lead To Long-Term Diseases?
Aging is a natural process that can lead to deterioration of parts of the brain...
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January 17
Are Office Workers At Risk For Injuries?
It’s not uncommon for people to assume that if you work in an office, then...
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January 15
Who’s Responsible For Work-Related Car Accidents?
Usually, when you think of workers’ compensation, you commonly think of injuries sustained at your...
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January 07
Study Finds Amazon Warehouse Workers More Prone To Injury
If you work in a warehouse, you understand how demanding the industry can be. You...
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