Most employees in California are eligible to collect benefits and medical care after sustaining an injury or illness on the job. However, as with any insurance company, the provider will often deny the claim for any number of reasons. Receiving a denial of workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury is frustrating and can usually be overwhelming.

Fortunately, a Glendale workers’ compensation denial lawyer could help you complete the appeal process and collect the benefits you deserve. Reach out to Glauber Berenson Vego to partner with our skilled workers comp attorneys.

Common Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Denials

Understanding the reason for a denial is crucial for determining which process is necessary to dispute the decision. Some of the most common reasons for a denial of benefits include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Errors in the application or paperwork
  • Refusing to make official recorded statements
  • The employee’s accident reports do not match the medical report
  • Missing the reporting and filing deadlines required by the regulations
  • Dispute of whether an injury happened while completing job duties

Our Glendale workers’ compensation attorneys can work with injured employees to determine the reason for their denial and help them choose the best strategy for moving forward with the appeal.

Disputing a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

Receiving a denial of benefits from the insurer does not mean an employee is not hurt or will never be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. State laws allow individuals to challenge decisions, but they must follow specific steps to meet the requirements.

Application for Adjudication of Claim

Employees can file an Application for Adjudication with their local Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) for consideration. They can ask to schedule a hearing so a judge can hear the arguments, review the evidence, and decide if the individual’s claim is valid.

Medical Evidence and Doctor Evaluation

If the organization’s insurance provider denies the claim based on medical issues or discrepancies, the worker can ask for an evaluation by a workers compensation doctor. A Glendale workers’ compensation denial attorney can help the injured worker find a workers compensation doctor to do an evaluation. An injured worker can also ask for an evaluation by a neutral doctor if there is a dispute still.

The Request for Reconsideration

If after trial the employee disagrees with the Judge’s decision, they have 20 days to file a petition to request a reconsideration. The rules governing the Reconsideration process are complex and it is best to have an experienced attorney write the Petition.

A Workers’ comp denial attorney in Glendale could help the employee complete the petition to request a reconsideration and file it on their behalf.

Let a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney Help

When there are errors or problems with collecting workers’ compensation benefits, injured employees often find the procedure to appeal the decision confusing and rigid. Contacting an experienced Glendale workers’ compensation denial lawyer ensures compliance with rules and regulations and is the best way to increase the chance of a favorable resolution.

Call Glauber Berenson Vego to schedule a consultation and review your claim when you receive a denial of benefits after suffering a workplace injury or illness.


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