Most employees in California are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits after sustaining injuries at work. However, the process is complex, and there are many hurdles to overcome, and receiving a denial is unfortunately common.

While the state does not require individuals to hire legal representation when they apply to collect benefits or appeal a decision, working with an experienced worker’s comp attorney helps avoid unnecessary delays. Call a seasoned Glendale workers’ compensation appeals lawyer from our firm when you need help with your case.

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process

Challenging a denial can be time-consuming and complex. Our firm can help navigate this complex process including:

Requesting a Hearing

When an insurer denies a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, it can be beneficial to have a hearing with a Worker’s Compensation Judge to help decide if your case is ready for a trial Judge to hear about the denial.

Evaluation by a Neutral Doctor

If your claim is denied because the insurance says there is no medical evidence, our firm can help request a neutral doctor to evaluate you. A Panel Qualified Medical Examiner is certified by the State to perform neutral evaluations when there is a dispute, like a denied case.

Help Finding a Treater

When a case is denied, the insurance companies will not provide or pay for treatment. While you may have private insurance, they can refuse to treat you. Still, you need treatment by a doctor who understands Worker’s Compensation. Our office can help you find a doctor so you get treatment right away. The doctor will file a lien against the insurance company and you will not have to pay anything.

Requesting a Trial

During the trial, the Judge will listen to arguments from both sides and about why the case should be accepted or remain denied. The Judge can hear testimony from you about your injury and will review all the evidence. After the Trial, the Judge will then issue their decision about your case. A Glendale workers’ compensation appeals attorney from our firm can help present your case to a Judge in the best light possible.

Negotiating a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

When there is a dispute between the injured worker and the insurance agency, settling the claim can be beneficial to both sides. Our firm has many years of experience in navigating and negotiating settlements. Having a Glendale workers’ compensation appeals attorney at your side to negotiate the most favorable settlement you can get is a big advantage. Furthermore, having an attorney who represents you to read the settlement documents means that your rights are protected.

Trust in a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Appeals Attorney

When you sustain injuries on the job and receive a denial of benefits after applying for workers’ compensation, it is essential to remember that there are different tactics to fight the decision.

A knowledgeable Glendale workers’ compensation appeals lawyer could help you navigate the process and reach the fair and just settlement you deserve. Call Glauber Berenson Vego soon to schedule a good time to meet.

Glendale Workers’ Compensation Appeals Lawyer

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