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After a work injury, does the doctor you see make a difference in the treatment you receive? What are you supposed to do while you can’t work due to your injury? When are workers’ compensation benefits available? How much will they cover?

At Glauber Berenson Vego, we frequently hear these questions from injured workers across the San Gabriel Valley and Greater Los Angeles Area. As experienced and compassionate Workers’ Compensation attorneys, we have made it our mission to ensure you understand your rights and the nuances of filing a worker’s compensation claim in Glendale.

Our goal is not only to help you navigate the system and recover the benefits you are owed but also to assist you in accessing treatment, getting back on your feet, and moving forward with your life.

If you have been injured at work or suffered a job-related illness, contact Glauber Berenson Vego now at (626) 605-2450 for a free consultation regarding your workers’ compensation claim.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work

After a workplace accident or work-related injury, there are several steps you should take to protect your health and your rights:

  • Seek Medical Attention: First, seek immediate medical attention. If necessary, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you do not require emergency medical care, go to a doctor or an urgent care center as soon as possible.
  • Report the Injury: In California, you must report the injury to your employer within 30 days. The 30-day deadline begins either on the date of injury or the date on which the injury was discovered or reasonably could have been discovered to have been caused by work.
  • File Your Claim: After you have reported the injury, your employer should provide you with various claim forms to fill out so that they can then give those forms to their insurance company. Additionally, you may need to file various forms yourself to begin your claim.
  • Contact an Attorney: If your claim is admitted or denied, or if you experience any disputes with your employer or their insurance company, contact a lawyer. An attorney can help you with a denied claim or manage any disputes that arise.

If you would like to learn more about what to do after a work-related injury, visit our page on What You Need to Know After an Accident at Work here.

Understanding the Basics of California Workers’ Compensation Law

Like every state, California has its own set of laws governing Workers’ Compensation. The California Workers’ Compensation system is a no-fault system that allows injured employees to recover specific monetary benefits when they suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. Because it’s a no-fault system, injured employees do not need to prove that an employer (or another party) was negligent or otherwise at fault for the injury or illness; they only need to prove that the injury occurred at work or due to employment. In other words, if you are injured while carrying out any activities that benefit your employer, you are covered by workers’ compensation.

In California, almost every employer must have workers’ compensation insurance, meaning nearly every employee is covered. The vast majority of California workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Only those deems to be independant contractors are not covered.

Who Pays Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits in California are paid either by an employer’s private insurance carrier or the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). Nearly all employers are required to offer workers’ compensation insurance, but if your employer does not have proper insurance, and you are injured on the job, you can receive benefits from the Uninsured Employer’s Benefit Trust Fund (UEBTF).

Can You Pick Your Own Doctor?

After a work-related injury or illness, you can obtain treatment from a list of doctors selected by your employer’s insurance company. Who you select matters! Some physicians may push to get you back to work before you are ready. This can result in subsequent injuries and a longer recovery process.

At Glauber Berenson Vego, our Glendale attorneys can guide you to the best available doctor based on your injury or help secure a referral to a specialist when needed.

While you are recovering from your injury, whether you are able to work or not, you need to follow through with recommended treatments, such as physical and occupational therapy. You also need to keep your doctor informed of what you can and cannot do.

Workers’ compensation claims generally include temporary disability payments to provide financial stability while you are unable to work. If you are eligible and how long you can receive temporary disability payments varies based on your unique situation. We can answer your specific benefit questions after reviewing your unique circumstances.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available?

The state’s Workers’ Compensation system pays specific financial benefits to eligible employees. These include:

  • Medical Treatments: Workers’ compensation pays for all expenses associated with medical treatment and care for qualifying work-related injuries and illnesses. This includes initial medical evaluations, diagnostic testing, surgery, rehabilitation, medications, and medical equipment. It also includes the cost of traveling to and from medical appointments. You can be reimbursed for travel costs at the current federal mileage rate.
  • Temporary Disability: Temporary disability benefits compensate injured workers while they are unable to return to work due to a work-related injury or illness. Temporary disability benefits equal two-thirds the worker’s average weekly wage up to state-set limits. Typically, temporary disability benefits are capped at 104 weeks or 240 weeks, depending on the type of injury suffered.
  • Permanent Disability: Permanent disability benefits are available to workers who suffer partial or total disability due to a work-related injury or illness. To qualify, you must prove that your injury prevents you from returning to work at full capacity from a diagnosis from the American Medical Association guidelines. Permanent disability benefits are based on the worker’s disability rating, which is assigned by the treating physician at the point of “maximum medical improvement” (MMI).
  • Life Pension: Workers who receive an impairment rating of 70 – 99% may be eligible for life pension payments. This is an additional payment provided on top of permanent disability benefits that is available for the remainder of the injured worker’s life. Life pension payments are rare, and you must be able to prove that you have suffered a severe, life-altering, or debilitating injury to be eligible.
  • Vocational Retraining: Also known as the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit, vocational retraining benefits are available to workers who cannot return to their previous employment due to a work-related injury or illness and whose employers do not offer modified or light-duty work. Vocational retraining benefits are paid in the form of a $6,000 voucher for educational courses and training at certain schools approved by the state.
  • Death Benefits: When a worker dies due to a job-related injury or illness, eligible surviving family members (spouses and dependents) can recover death benefits through the Workers’ Compensation system. These benefits include burial and funeral expenses up to a specified amount and compensation for lost income.

To learn more about Workers’ Compensation benefits and what payments you may be entitled to receive, contact our Glendale Workers’ Compensation attorneys today and set up a free, no-obligation consuFltation.

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Our Law Firm’s Process

When you turn to Glauber Berenson Vego for help with your claim, you are assigned a team of professionals dedicated to you and your case. This team is made up of a case coordinator and an attorney.

Together, they will work to guide you through the process of filing your claim and navigating any issues or disputes that may arise.

Generally speaking, our firm uses the following process:

  • First, when you reach out, you are set up with a complimentary consultation and case evaluation. During this initial meeting, we will gather more information about your situation. We will ask you various questions about your work-related injury and invite you to ask us your questions, as well.
  • After your consultation, if you retain our services, you will receive the first call from us in about a week. This will allow us time to file the necessary paperwork on your case.
  • As your case progresses, your case coordinator will contact you about once a month to check on the status of your medical treatment and to address any questions or concerns.
  • Within about two months, you will meet with the attorney assigned to your case to develop a strategy for navigating disputes, such as appealing a denied claim or early termination of benefits.
  • Throughout your time as a client of the firm, your case will be continuously reviewed by one of our Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers and a case coordinator.

At Glauber Berenson Vego, we can help you learn more about the common practices and the process of obtaining your benefits.

If you have any questions about filing your workers’ compensation claim, what to expect when you work with our firm, or about the workers’ compensation system as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Glendale team today.

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