Are All Employees Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

January 23, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Workers may not always know what routes to take if injured at the workplace. The reason for this is because they might not know the extent of the injuries they obtained. Some people believe that accidents, such as slipping on ice or falling down the stairs, fix themselves by resting or taking a pain reliever pill.

This is not always true, which is why injured workers need to seek medical help after an accident. Going to the doctor not only puts a worker’s mind at ease, but it also helps to support any legal issues that follow.

Are you a worker?

Those severely injured because of an accident that took place during work hours or while performing an action that’s within their job description might decide to get financial help for their physical injuries.

However, something to remember is that not all injuries may consider as work-related or qualify for worker’s compensation. The main factor in deciding if you are eligible for workers’ compensation would be whether your company legally recognizes you as an employee.

Some companies may not identify independent contractors, undocumented workers and seasonal workers as legal employees who qualify for benefits. Depending on the injury and the situation this particular worker is facing, the process in which they appeal for compensation may differ.

Steps after an accident

Once you’ve determined that you indeed qualify to receive compensation or disability benefits from your company, then you can proceed with gathering the right documents. Some actions you should take when injured include:

  • Getting medical attention immediately to ensure your safety
  • Informing your employer of your injury within the required time period
  • Gathering evidence such as pictures from your injury and medical documentations
  • Filling out the compensation forms provided by your employer
  • Seeking legal advice to assist you in completing other required forms and processes

While being a worker at your company does not automatically mean you’ll receive compensation, depending on the situation, there are steps to take to appeal a denied claim. Injured workers should take all the steps necessary to cover the costs of their recovery and lost wages.