Are Latino Workers in California More Vulnerable To Getting Hurt On The Job Than Others?

December 2, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations’ (AFL-CIO) 2019 report, titled “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect,” captured how Latino workers continue to be more vulnerable to losing their lives on the job than other ethnicities here in the United States. That same report chronicles how Latino workers in some industries and states are more likely to suffer potentially fatal injuries than others.

How big of an issue are fatalities of Latino workers in California?

Data compiled by the AFL-CIO shows that Latino workers in California had the second-highest worker fatality rates in 2017 with 173 employee deaths. At least 68%, or 161, of California’s Latinos who died on the job that same year were immigrants.

Are Latino workers most apt to lose their lives on the job?

The AFL-CIO data says that 291 Latinos who lost their lives on the job in 2017 worked in the construction field. The next highest workplace fatality rate was among those employed in the landscaping, waste management, or administrative sectors with 134 worker deaths. The industries with the third highest fatality rate were the warehousing and trucking ones with 132 deaths.

There was an uptick in certain types of fatal workplace accidents involving Latinos in 2017. An increasing number of construction workers died after falling off of scaffolding onto a lower level. Some 231 Latino workers suffered a similar fate in 2017. There was an uptick in trees falling on top of landscapers, killing them. The number of long-distance freight tractor-trailer crashes involving Latino workers increased as well. At least 325 Latino workers lost their lives in similar incidents in 2017.

What should you do if you suffered injuries on the job?

Some Glendale employers cut corners when it comes to workplace safety and just hope that no one will get hurt. Their negligence inevitably backfires on them at some point, and a worker ends up having an incident that leaves them with debilitating injuries — or worse. It’s only then that they try to implement safety strategies to avoid future outcomes.

A workers’ compensation attorney is the right person to consult with if you suffered injuries on the job. They’ll help you determine if your California employer must pay for your medical care and lost wages in your case.