Construction Accident Results In Woman’s Death

May 7, 2018
By Glauber Berenson Vego

The construction industry is easily one of the riskier industries to work in. Many California construction workers are familiar with the dangers of working around heavy machinery and equipment. They also face the risk of falling from heights or being hit with debris. While many companies go to great lengths to implement protocols to protect their workers, sometimes accidents still happen.

In a recent construction accident in South Carolina, a worker was crushed which resulted in fatal injuries. The woman was part of a group of people working on a construction site near Columbia when the accident occurred. She was operating a scissor lift when for an unknown reason, she became trapped between the railing and the ceiling. The impact crushed the woman and she was rushed to a local hospital. Later on, she was pronounced dead. An investigation is ongoing into what caused the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was informed of the accident as well and plan to execute a full investigation.

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Source: Fox Carolina, “Woman dies after being crushed at SC construction site,” May 3, 2018