Fallen Objects May Be Deadly: Prepare In Your Workplace

October 20, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Out of all the things that could injure you on the job, falling tools are among the most dangerous. Those tools may still be functioning as they fall if they’re battery powered or connected to a power source. Their weight could cause serious impacts as they hit people below.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that one person is injured by an object that has fallen in the workplace every 10 minutes. Looking more closely, that is around 50,000 cases of fallen objects causing injuries each year.

Of course, these injuries are most likely if you’re working in an area where heights are involved. For example, if your co-workers are up on scaffolds and you’re working below, it’s absolutely essential that they take care not to knock down any tools or items from above.

What happens when an object falls?

When an object falls, the gravitational pull causes it to accelerate and create force. The force of the impact is what will affect how seriously you’re hurt by a falling object.

Remember, falling tools can cause serious injuries, such as impaling body parts or crushing bones, depending on how long they’ve fallen. As the force builds, the tools become even more dangerous.

This is why you should wear your safety equipment. Wear your hardhat on site. Anyone working at a height should use straps and safety connections to keep tools from falling. Taking these simple steps will minimize the risk of falls to begin with, but if they do happen, then the person who is struck will have better protection against the force of the object.

Your employer should give you more information. If you’re hurt by a falling object, remember that workers’ compensation may cover your expenses and medical care.