Follow These 7 Ladder Safety Tips At Work

March 26, 2018
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Do you use a ladder at your place of employment? Do you ever wonder if you’re making a mistake that could lead to an accident? Are you hoping to implement some safety tips that will help you prevent trouble in the future?

There are many ladder safety tips you can follow that can help prevent an accident, with these seven among the most important:

  • Inspect the ladder before you step on the first rung. Don’t assume that a ladder is in good working condition, as a defect or any damage could lead to an accident. Look for things such as corrosion, cracks and missing parts.
  • Only place the ladder on level and firm ground. If you’re experienced on a ladder you may assume you can get away with placing it on unlevel ground. Don’t make this mistake, as it greatly increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Use the right size ladder for the job. For instance, don’t use a ladder that is too short to reach your intended height. If you do, you may find yourself stretching when you reach the top.
  • Let others know that you are using the ladder. It’s not always a mistake you make that causes an accident. It could be a mistake by a coworker, such as someone who bumps into the ladder when you’re climbing to the top.
  • Keep three points of contact at all times. For example, one hand and two feet or both hands and one foot.
  • Never carry a heavy load up or down a ladder. If you do this, it’s much more likely that you will lose your balance.
  • Don’t set the ladder near an exit door or vehicle traffic. Doing so increases the chance of a person or vehicle hitting the ladder, thus knocking you down.

Even if you follow these ladder safety tips at work you could still be part of an accident. If that happens, stay where you, call for help and wait for an ambulance to arrive. Also, report the incident to your employer, so that they know exactly what went wrong.

If you find that you’re unable to immediately return to work, don’t hesitate to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.