Highway Workers Deserve A Safe Environment

July 30, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

The roadways in California are often repaired, upgraded and altered. The workers who handle these jobs are placed in some very unsafe conditions unless their employer takes the time to put proper safety procedures into place. There are a host of things that can boost the safety of these workers.

Anyone who’s working near the traffic lanes should wear clothing that makes them easily visible to the motorists. This includes brightly colored clothing, as well as items that have reflective properties. Hardhats, armbands and vests are some items that these individuals can use to make themselves more visible.

The work zone must be set up to create the best barrier possible between the workers and the vehicles that are passing by. This can be done through careful planning, and a review of the safety measures must be done at the start of each shift. Cones, cement barriers and barrels are some options that can be used in conjunction with proper signage to outline the work zone.

The work site vehicles are another hazard that has to be addressed. The drivers of these vehicles must be vigilant to watch for other workers. It’s beneficial to use spotters when machinery is being used so they can alert the driver, as well as others in the area about what’s going on.

Accidents at these work sites can cause catastrophic injuries. Anyone who’s injured in one should seek medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover the costs of this medical care, as well as partial wage replacement when an injured worker isn’t able to return to work quickly due to the injury.