How to Prevent Obstructed Lines of Sight in an Industrial Workplace

March 30, 2022
By Glauber Berenson Vego

In the United States, roughly every 1 in 5 workplace fatalities in the construction industry is caused by a “struck by” injury. A struck by injury arises when a worker is hit by equipment or machinery. Workers on a construction site are more susceptible to sustaining a workplace injury due to the industrial machinery they utilize. When a struck-by incident occurs, it can be caused by the inability to see obstructed lines of sight, leading to a severe injury.

Workers struck by moving objects are a significant concern in the industrial industry, and it’s more common than you think. We rely on our senses, especially our eyesight, to help us scope out danger to prevent impending harm. This is crucial for industrial workers to avoid potential hazards by being aware of their surroundings and having a good line of sight.

Luckily, struck-by injuries and deaths are preventable; our Glendale workers’ compensation attorneys provide essential safety tips for construction workers to see clearly and prevent obstructed lines of sight in the workplace.

Wear High Visibility Gear

Workers should wear the required safety gear to be easily identified and visible. The American National Standards Institute provides information on high visibility safety apparel for those who work in the construction industry, such as wearing bright colors and reflective clothing. This can help improve visibility in hazardous conditions.

Ensure Access Routes are Clear

The job site can be a busy place. Between active work being done and machinery blocking workers’ visibility, it can be dangerous for workers to loiter in these areas and increase the risk of a workplace injury. Employers need to keep access routes clear to prevent potential hazards on the construction site.

Be Alert

Workers must remain focused on the task at hand when working on the site. An accident can happen in a split second, and distractions and multitasking can lead to a severe catastrophic injury. Construction workers need to have the necessary safety training to have good lines of sight and effective communication on the job; this can help prevent accidents.

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