Injury Hazards Inherent To California’s Entertainment Industry

January 20, 2021
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Many Californians are employed in film, television and video production. Working in the industry presents injury hazards for actors as well as production staff. Producers must provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees in case they suffer a work-related injury or illness.

Unfortunately, many of those employed in these jobs are not aware of the hazards present in the entertainment industry. The most alarming by-product of this lack of knowledge is that employees often attempt to continue working after an injury.

Hazards present in the entertainment industry

No industry is 100% devoid of injury hazards. Some of the hazards plaguing those who work on productions include the following:

Trip-and-fall hazards such as wiring, cables, or ropes on the set

  • Hazards from the use of incendiary or explosive devices for filming pyrotechnic effects
  • Electrocution hazards when using electrical wiring or equipment
  • Vehicle crash hazards when filming motor vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, etc.)
  • Lack of safety training and personal protection equipment

The hazards above often lead to severe injuries for all who participate in the filming process. Two examples of severe injuries include brain injury and spinal cord damage.

Workers’ compensation helps you in many ways

As stated above, nearly all California employers must provide their employees with workers’ comp protection. A successful claim covers injury-related medical expenses and replaces a portion of lost income if you cannot work. It may cover your physical and occupational rehabilitation needs as well.

It is vital to understand that no one has the right to prevent you from filing a valid claim. If an employer tries to prevent you from filing or if you receive a claim denial notice, a lawyer can play a critical role in helping you access your benefits.