Job-Related Stress And Auto Accidents

February 8, 2019
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Motor vehicle collisions occur for different reasons, but a driver’s emotional state can play a key role in their ability to drive safely. Unfortunately, auto accidents happen because of road rage (and there are various reasons why drivers can become so angry), but they may be caused by other mental challenges as well. For example, someone may be extremely stressed out because of something they are going through at work, which could lead to an on-the-job crash. Or, their job may be so demanding that they are mentally drained, which can interfere with driving abilities.

Job-related stress may be temporary, or it could be chronic. For example, someone may be experiencing an unusual amount of stress due to a particular project, or they might have been struggling with chronic stress for years due to the demands of their job. Either way, this can be dangerous when it comes to driving, and an extremely stressed out driver may be more likely to make errors behind the wheel, drive too fast or exhibit some other example of dangerous behavior on the road.

If you struggle with job-related stress and have to drive at work, you should be mindful of the challenges you are facing and whether or not they could interfere with your driving. Moreover, if you were hit by someone, this may be an issue to look into further if you decide to pursue workers’ comp or take legal action. Unfortunately, many drivers put lives at risk by getting in their car when they are too tired, intoxicated or emotionally distraught to drive safely.