Mental Trauma After A Workplace Accident

March 22, 2019
By Glauber Berenson Vego

The consequences of a work-related injury can shatter someone’s life in countless ways, whether they lose the ability to walk for the rest of their life or they have to take several weeks off to recover from a broken arm. However, these accidents can shatter a worker’s life in additional ways, some of which may be hard for others to detect. For example, those involved in a job-related accident may struggle with mental trauma following the incident, and this trauma can be very devastating also.

Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and various emotional hardships can affect a worker who was injured on the job in all sorts of ways. Mental trauma can spell disaster for personal relationships, and it can even prevent someone from returning to the position they held at the time of the accident. For example, someone whose job duties involved driving (such as a trucker or a taxi driver) may not be able to return to their job following a crash, and they may need to look for a new field to work in.

There may be various resources available to workers who are struggling with these difficulties. For example, workers’ compensation benefits not only help some injured workers with medical costs and the financial toll of missing work due to an injury, but they can also help people train for a different line of work. This can be an incredibly valuable lifeline for someone who is unable to return to their previous position as a result of a job-related injury.