Rehab Provider Accused Of Exploiting Patients For Labor

April 29, 2019
By Glauber Berenson Vego

There are certain industries operating in Glendale whose workers (due to the nature of the work) are at an increased risk of injury. However, employers in these industries are likely aware of those risks, and are thus expected to take steps in order to protect their employees. This includes providing safety equipment and not requiring employees to work in extreme conditions. Yet some may question whether that same standard is applied to subcontractors who send workers out to various job sites to perform a wide array of tasks.

This is what many following the operations of a nationally renowned rehab services provider want to know. As part of its treatment programs, the company sends patients out to work for large companies on various projects. The company keeps each worker’s wages in order to cover the cost of the program, which it touts as helping those suffering from addiction to secure jobs. Many of the workers, however, claim that they are expected to work unreasonable hours with nothing in terms of compensation. Worse yet. many claim to show up to jobs where the regular staff is given safety equipment, yet they are not. While numerous injury cases have been filed against the company, little has reportedly been meted out against it in terms of enforcement.

Those whose requires safety gear and protective equipment should expect easy access to it. When an employer fails in meeting that expectation, its employees may be justified in bringing action against it. Such action may have a better chance at success if one has the knowledge and expertise of an experienced attorney to rely on.