Should Trains Have To Have A Minimum Number Of Crew Members?

July 2, 2018
By Glauber Berenson Vego

If you are a railroad worker in California, then you understand the risks involved in the job. It is thought that fewer accidents may occur if there are more workers required onboard the train. It is thought, according to The Hill, that having more workers on a train can help to prevent serious accidents due to common issues that overworked railroad employees combat regularly.

For example, the current rule is that there only has to be one worker on the train, then that does not leave much room for things to go wrong. If that worker gets injured or sick, there is no other worker left to do the work. Furthermore, there is an increased danger of being overworked and suffering from issues, such as fatigue.

If an accident or other incident occurs, it typically requires more than one person to combat the situation. Having more workers on board would help limit risks and make it easier to fix situations when something does go wrong, thus lowering the chances of serious injuries and death.

Industry insiders, though, feel there is no proof to back such claims. They feel that increasing the number of workers will not improve safety in any way and that it will just cost more money and reduce production.

It is not likely that both sides will completely agree, but if lawmakers can get unions to agree, it would help the chances of passing regulations that raise the number of minimum workers. This information is for education and is not legal advice.