Tesla Plant Under OSHA Inspection

September 23, 2018
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Many people in California are proud to live in a state that is the hotbed of a lot of innovation. Certainly, California is home to many companies that are leading the way in new technologies and products that may have dramatic impacts on society. The evolution of autonomous vehicles is one of these innovations and Tesla is just one company that is actively involved in developing these types of vehicles.

Improved safety on the road has long been given as a primary reason for developing and deploying self-driving cars. Interestingly, the Tesla factory located in the northern California town of Fremont has been the location of a recent accident involving an employee as of late.

As reported by Seeking Alpha, the injured employee was attempting to load items into a machine. In the process, that person’s finger was cut off. A statement released from the company indicated that prompt medical attention was provided and that the employee is recovering. No details of what that recovery entails were given so it remains unknown as to whether or not the person’s finger was able to be reattached and what the prognosis for future use of that finger and hand may be.

Since this accident, California Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation at this factory location. This investigation is actually the third one instigated in the span of just one month, raising more concerns about safety at the facility overall. Employees in California who are concerned about safety at work might want to talk with an attorney to learn how to protect themselves or seek compensation after an accident.