The Most Common Work-Related Injuries in 2022

The work environment in 2022 was drastically different from just a few years ago. Work-related injuries have increased significantly and are now one of the most common causes of disability in many countries worldwide.

Read on to learn the most common work-related injuries in 2022 and how to prevent them from occurring in your workplace. We’ll also examine what measures employers can take to ensure employees stay safe on the job and do not become victims of work-related injury or illness. Employers and workers can benefit from a healthier, safer work environment by understanding and reducing these risks.

Overexertion and Bodily Reaction

Overexertion and bodily reaction injuries were among the most common work-related injuries in 2022. These occur when employees work too strenuously or rapidly, leading to strain and fatigue. Overexertion can include lifting heavy objects, bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, or reaching for items. It can also result from repetitive motions, such as using a computer mouse or typing on a keyboard.

The most common work-related injuries due to overexertion and bodily reaction included sprains and strains of the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs. These can be especially damaging if left untreated or when employees work without proper safety precautions.

Employers should ensure workers wear protective gear and use ergonomically designed workstations.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Another common work-related injury was slips, trips, and falls. These can occur when a work surface is slippery or uneven, leading to employees losing their balance and falling. Other causes of slips, trips, and falls include obstacles in work areas, poor lighting, or unsecured rugs or cords.

Employers should keep work surfaces clean and dry to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. They should also consider installing bright lighting to allow workers to see hazards. Employers should also take precautions to secure rugs and cords and remove obstacles from work areas.

Work with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

These accidents are often non-fatal yet account for 84% of all workplace accidents in one year; these accidents will continue to happen as long as employers remain negligent and fail to provide their employees with the proper safety precautions. These accidents can be devastating and challenging to navigate, especially when wages are lost and you have bills to pay. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Glauber Berenson Vego can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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