What Are Some Common Causes Of Accidents In The Workplace?

May 27, 2018
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Many people in Glendale underestimate how safe their work environments are. They fall into a false sense of security and believe themselves invincible until a workplace accident causes them severe injury. Many workers experience financial challenges when they are injured so badly that they cannot return to work. According to the Insurance Journal, “serious workplace injuries and ailments are those that cause workers to miss more than six consecutive days of work.”

Improper use of equipment

Most worksites require employees to use employer and personal safety equipment and tools. Many employers require their workers to stay knowledgeable about proper safety and equipment operation procedures. Deviation from proper protocol and not follwoing appropriate safety guidelines can result in devastating injuries.


Falls are common in all workplaces, regardless of industry. Workers can sustain broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, pulled muscles and spinal injuries. Workers can avoid slip and fall accidents by keeping all walkways clear, using safety equipment and wearing proper footwear.

Workplace injuries are not easy to recover from, especially when injured workers are worried about their finances. Fortunately, most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide their injured workers with benefits to help cover their medical costs and lost wages that are related to covered incidents. Accidents can happen from employee negligence, inattentiveness and many other reasons.

Employers must implement safety practices and resources to protect their workers and minimize the risk of workplace accidents. To qualify for compensation, workers must report their accidents and have their injuries diagnosed before filing their claims. Because the chances of denial are great for first-time applicants, professional or legal assistance may be necessary.