What Are The Top Dangers On Construction Sites?

April 7, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Working in the construction industry is a dream come true for many. Even though there are safety risks to contend with, it’s a job they enjoy for the fast pace and rewarding experiences.

As a construction worker, it’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the many dangers you could face on a daily basis. This allows you to make informed decisions to protect your safety.

Here are a few of the top dangers:

  • Slip-and-fall: Construction sites are known for being messy and unorganized. From tools to construction material, there’s always something to get in your way. If you’re not careful, an object could catch your foot and cause you to tumble to the ground below.
  • Fall from height: Working at height, such as on a roof or scaffolding, is dangerous. And this isn’t related to the actual task you’re completing, but instead the fact that a fall could result in serious injury or even death.
  • Tool related accidents: Construction sites are full of tools, ranging from table saws to electric drills. All of these tools are helpful in getting the job done the right way, but they’re also dangerous. You should never use a tool unless you know exactly how to do so.
  • Vehicle-related accidents: From bulldozers to trucks to forklifts, moving vehicles are a mainstay on construction sites. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a vehicle or working closely to one that’s in motion, take the steps necessary to protect against an accident.
  • Inclement weather: For example, if it begins to rain while you’re working on scaffolding, it’s time to consider your options. If you have any concerns about your safety, such as the potential to slip and fall, you should take cover until conditions improve.

While these are among the top dangers on construction sites, there are other situations that can arise that also have the potential to cause an accident.

Should you suffer an injury as a construction worker, report the incident to your employer, seek medical care and determine how long it’ll take to recover. Doing these things may lead you to file a workers’ compensation claim.