What Is The Most Dangerous Job To Work In California?

April 12, 2021
By Glauber Berenson Vego

There are dozens of jobs that are potentially dangerous in California. In fact, most jobs have at least one or two hazards that pose a threat to workers at one time or another.

There are three jobs that rank the highest in California, though, including working as a logger, pilot or truck driver. These jobs have the highest risk of fatal injuries out of all jobs in the state.

What makes logging such a dangerous career?

Logging requires people to work with heavy woods, large machinery, sharp blades and more. Out of the 1,810 people working in the career in California, 15 were killed between 2012 and 2016, the last time the data was released. That’s around 165 deaths per 100,000 workers.

Why is being a pilot dangerous?

Pilots have an excellent opportunity to fly people all over the United States and beyond, but this is not a job without risk. There is always a risk of part of the plane breaking mid-flight, and there is an increased risk of blood clots working at a higher altitude. Varied risks make being a pilot a dangerous career choice. Between 2012 and 2016, 30 pilots out of 12,890 passed away on the job.

What makes driving a truck a dangerous option?

Driving long hours, running into road hazards and transporting heavy or dangerous materials all put truck drivers at risk of death and injury. Between 2012 and 2016, 295 drivers passed away out of 137,930. That equates to 42.8 deaths out of every 100,000 workers.

No matter who you are or what the job is that you’ve chosen, you deserve to work in a safe environment. If you see hazards in your workplace, make sure you report them. Doing so could help you have repairs done or hazards addressed before they impact you.

If you are injured on the job, report that injury. You may be able to seek workers’ compensation to help you cover your financial losses and to get support as you recover. Those who have lost a loved one may be able to seek death benefits to cover their losses as well.