What Resources Can I Use To Learn About Workers’ Compensation?

April 9, 2019
By Glauber Berenson Vego

While you may know about the California workers’ compensation system, you may find that you have additional questions. Navigating workers’ compensation is sometimes tricky. It can leave you with important concerns or issues that you need to find the answers to. Knowing the best resources you can use to learn more about your rights and the system in general allows you to better handle any problems or questions you may have.

The Department of Industrial Relations explains there are plenty of resources available to assist you with everything from a simple question to filing your workers’ compensation claim. One of the best and easily accessible resources is your local Information and Assistance office. The professionals there can usually answer any questions you have and offer assistance if you need it.

The district offices within the Department of Workers’ Compensation also can serve as a resource. They regularly provide seminars for injured workers to answer questions and explain how the process works, along with providing information about benefits.

You can also go online and use the Information and Assistance website. Here you will find a lot of information. If you are tech savvy, this can be a great resource for fast information. The Department of Workers’ Compensation provides a plethora of information covering filing claims, how the claims process works and even information about employers.

Do note that when interacting with professionals through any of these resources that they cannot act on your behalf, meaning they cannot file your claim for you, or give you legal advice. This information is for education and is not legal advice.