What Risks Do Warehouse Workers Face?

April 8, 2020
By Glauber Berenson Vego

You often hear a lot about construction, fishing, firefighting and other well-known, high-risk occupations when talking about how workers get hurt on the job. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that other occupations do not have significant dangers just because they do not get as much press.

For instance, perhaps you just took a job working in a warehouse. What types of risks do you now face every time you clock in? Examples include:

  • Injuries on a loading dock where semis come to load or unload their shipments. Examples are issues like falling from the dock or getting pinned between the truck and the building.
  • Forklift accidents. In large warehouses, forklifts are often used to move pallets, and a mistake by the driver could cause you to be struck, pinned or even run over.
  • Falls from raised platforms. You may have to climb ladders to get items down or stand on overhead platforms and catwalks where items are stored. A fall can cause serious injuries.
  • Back injuries from lifting heavy items. Workers need proper equipment and training, but they do not always get it as the company hurries to get the job done quickly.

On top of these more specific injuries, you also have general injury risks that apply to most jobs, like the risk of slipping and falling, tripping on clutter in the workspace, getting struck by a car in the parking lot or suffering from the repetitive nature of your job.

No matter how it happens, if you get injured in this new warehouse job, it is absolutely crucial that you know what legal options you have to seek out compensation.