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Workers' compensation benefits for depression

Were one to ask the average working professional in Glendale if their job was a source of stress in their life, they likely would get an answer in the affirmative. The expectations, deadlines, and standards that come from one’s career will almost certainly (at some point) generate a certain amount of tension. Couple that with the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 71 percent of American adults have claimed to have experienced at least one of the symptoms of stress, and one can see how depression and anxiety can be a very real problem in the workplace.

Can spinal fusion treatments help with your back pain?

As a construction worker in California, you face a high risk of injury. If you fall from a roof, get struck by a falling object or do a lot of heavy lifting, then you may suffer specifically from back injuries. This may lead to chronic pain. Many people turn to opioids for pain relief. However, as the addiction and overdose epidemic continues to sweep across America, men people now seek out other alternatives.

What do I do if I disagree with my doctor?

A worker who is injured and seeks payment for medical treatment under workers’ compensation can choose a doctor from a selection offered by the employer’s insurance company. However, some workers may have disagreements with their doctor over a number of different issues. If this is the case for you, you should know that California law provides ways to dispute your doctor’s claims and even allow you to select a new doctor if necessary.

What resources can I use to learn about workers' compensation?

While you may know about the California workers' compensation system, you may find that you have additional questions. Navigating workers' compensation is sometimes tricky. It can leave you with important concerns or issues that you need to find the answers to. Knowing the best resources you can use to learn more about your rights and the system in general allows you to better handle any problems or questions you may have.

What do you need to know about cumulative trauma claims?

Cumulative trauma injuries are those that develop over time as a result of excessive wear and tear on a certain muscle, tendon or nerve. Cumulative trauma disorder can develop as a result of work repetition, positioning or force. Examples of CTD include carpal tunnel, tenosynovitis, Raynaud’s Syndrome and De Quervain’s Disease. CTDs are a major occupational issue in California and throughout the United States and affect approximately three percent of the adult population. If left untreated, they can lead to chronic pain, swelling, reduced function or complete loss of function. For this reason, CDS are usually compensable work injuries in California.

How do I file a workers' compensation claim?

If you suffer an injury while at work in California, you can file a workers' compensation claim in most cases. You need to file your claim properly to ensure you do not get a denial. Luckily, the process is fairly easy and your employer should assist you upon learning of your injury. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, your employer should start the workers' compensation claim process by giving you the form within one day of your injury. If your employer does not give you the form, you can download it from the website of the Department of Workers' Compensation.

Could social media lead to a worker's compensation denial?

Most people use social media these days. Often social media accounts become almost like a public journal of daily happens and life moments. While social media can be a great way to connect with your friends in California and beyond, it can also spell trouble if you file a workers' compensation claim. According to Insurance Provider Group, investigators may use your social media postings and other public posts containing information about you to deny your workers' compensation claim.

What are temporary disability benefits?

There are several different types of benefits you could receive from workers' compensation in California. One of those is temporary disability benefits. It is important to understand what this means if this is the type of benefit you receive because it will help you to know how long you may receive it and the different conditions of the benefit.

When should I report an injury to my employer?

The workplace can be fraught with hazards, and injuries are not uncommon. If you happen to get injured while at work in California, you likely will be covered through workers' compensation. However, it is imperative that you follow the right steps to ensure your claim is valid and that you can qualify for coverage.

Can self-employed persons get workers' compensation coverage?

If you work for yourself, there are some protections and benefits you may not get that you would have if you worked for an employer. One of those is workers' compensation, which covers you if you get injured on the job. Since you do not have an employer, you would be responsible for obtaining the coverage. While the California Department of Industrial Relations explains you can get workers' compensation coverage for yourself, it may not be your best option.

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