If you hurt your shoulder, break your arm, get a TBI, or suffer another injury while on the job, California law may empower you to seek workers’ compensation benefits. Most eligible employees can receive disability payments even if their employer is not directly responsible for what happened. You can go through the process of claiming these benefits on your own, but the hassle may interfere with your recovery.

A Downey disability claims lawyer at the offices of Glauber Berenson Vego is ready to fight to ensure you receive every penny you deserve under California’s workers’ compensation laws. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge to diligently review, prepare, file, and defend your claim from beginning to end.

Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits?

The California workers’ compensation system enables injured workers to receive benefits if their condition keeps them from being able to do their jobs. In many cases, workers who have an employment relationship (instead of an independent contractor relationship) with their company may be eligible for benefits.

Workers who may not be eligible for disability benefits include:

  • Student-athletes
  • Independent contractors
  • Volunteer workers for nonprofits
  • People working for their immediate family

Someone can be an employee even if they do not have a written employment contract or their employer calls them a freelance worker. Whether they are an independent contractor depends on the circumstances, such as the employee’s level of control over their schedule, their work, and how they complete this work.

A disability claims attorney in Downey can help people determine who is eligible for benefits under California law. They can also help employees fill out the correct claims documents and submit them to their employers before the deadline approaches. Some employers try to get out of paying workers’ compensation by misclassifying their staff as independent contractors, but our team can help employees fight back.

Disability Benefits Are There Under California Workers’ Compensation Laws

California law allows eligible injured workers to receive several types of benefits, depending on their situation. In most cases, employers must pay for the injury-related medical expenses incurred by the worker. If the worker previously notified their employer as to who their primary care physician is, they may be able to see their usual doctor to treat their work injury.

If the worker needs to change roles to continue to work after the injury, they may qualify for supplemental benefits to cover the cost of job training. Wrongful death benefits may also be available to eligible family members who depend on a now-deceased worker to support them. A Downey disability claims attorney from our firm could help people understand what benefits they qualify for during a consultation.

Call a Downey Disability Claims Attorney for Assistance With Benefits

Work injuries can keep you from earning a living to support yourself and your family. If you were hurt at work, you may qualify for disability benefits under California law. An attorney can help you identify and protect your rights to receive disability benefits while you heal from your injuries.

Our workers’ compensation firm advocates for injured employees across California. We understand the unique struggles employees face when they are in a workplace accident, and we are prepared to take immediate action. Contact a Downey disability claims lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.

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