Focused on what was best for me

April 22, 2024
By Glauber Berenson Vego

Ryan Vego is an amazing person. Not only a great attorney. He focused on what was best for me and my family FIRST. Very knowledgeable about the worker’s comp system in California. From the first meeting, he was only thinking about my long term outcome and he found me the absolute best doctor to do my surgeries. How he was getting paid was never even discussed and I never gave him or the doctors any money. Obviously they all got paid at the end by my employer and I’m sure he made plenty of $$ off my case, but it was never something I needed to think about. I could go on and on about everything he arranged for me during the 5 year marathon that my case dragged through (only because the worker’s comp system is so broken), but all I can really say is this:

You NEED a lawyer. Even if you don’t want to give money to a lawyer, you will end up with more just because any big company has lawyers who’s job it is to lie to you and get you to accept a lot less. Mr Vego is the reason I get my disability checks every month, why I was able to keep my home and my job, the reason I now receive a monthly disability check from my employer and the state of California for the rest of my life, and the ONLY reason I now have free lifetime medical coverage on my injured body parts without even a copay for treatment! And all of this is happening even though he was able to make them let me keep my job. My only regret is that leaving this review for him is really the only thing I can do to show my gratitude. He truly is a great man.

—-Be careful reading reviews regarding Worker’s Comp law firms in California. The system is so slow and damaged that it takes years to settle any case, regardless of what lawyer you choose. Many of the negative reviews here are really referring to the timeline and and the misconception that a ‘good’ lawyer will make you rich FAST. That’s simply not realistic. An injury is not a winning lottery ticket, it’s a horrible experience. Your lawyer’s job is to get you what you deserve, not to turn a hangnail into a Ferrari overnight.