California state law requires businesses to provide their employees with a safe work environment and workers’ compensation insurance for when accidents occur. However, collecting benefits is challenging; even a small mistake can result in an unjust denial.

Having a trusted attorney on your side who has experience with applying for workers’ compensation benefits in Glendale helps make receiving the payments and medical care you need a much smoother experience. Call Glauber Berenson Vego today to begin reviewing the details of your claim with our highly skilled team.

What Is Included in Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Injured workers are eligible for medical care and supplemental income if necessary. The employee may qualify for other benefits depending on the circumstances, injuries, and needs.

Medical Care

A worker who sustains injuries or illness on the job due to an accident, cumulative stressors, or exposure to toxic substances has the right to medical treatment. This can include doctor’s visits, emergency room care, surgeries, prescriptions, and medical devices.

Temporary or Permanent Disability

If the treating doctor determines that the employee cannot return to their position for an extended period, they may be eligible to collect temporary or permanent disability. The type will depend on how long they must remain out of work.

Vocational Training Expenses

An injured worker may qualify for vocational training benefits if they cannot return to the position they held before suffering a workplace injury. Working with an attorney experienced with workers’ comp benefits in Glendale could ensure they receive the full and fair amount of compensation they deserve.

Insurance Companies Commonly Issue Denials

The insurance companies commonly deny workers’ compensation claims for various reasons, including missed deadlines, missing paperwork, or an inaccurate doctor’s report. However, there are many steps available to dispute the decision and fight for the benefits the employee deserves.

Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

If a work-related accident in Glendale causes an employee to sustain fatal injuries, their surviving family members could be eligible to collect workers’ comp death benefits. Under the California Labor Code §§ 3501-3503, beneficiaries, including spouses, minor children, and grandchildren or children with disabilities, may qualify for death benefits. The amount of benefits varies depending on the situation so it is important to talk to an expert about it.

Let Our Glendale Attorneys Help You Understand Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you sustain injuries on the job, you have legal rights. However, there are also vital deadlines to meet and steps you must complete in accordance with state laws to receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

Our team is knowledgeable about workers’ compensation benefits in Glendale and can protect your best interests while helping you reach the best outcome for your claim. If you need help collecting insurance payments after an accident at work, call Glauber Berenson Vego today to schedule a consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Glendale

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