Workers’ compensation is one of the best protections for today’s workers. Before workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you would have to prove your employer was at fault if you got injured on the job. Now, as long as you are an eligible employee and the illness or injury is covered, you can get the benefits you need without having to prove liability.

When you are hurt at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if your injury results from a sudden event, long-term exposure, or repetitive action. Getting help as soon as possible after an injury is vital because workers’ compensation insurance has very strict filing deadlines and reporting requirements. You want to ensure you comply with every step to get the coverage you need. Our trusted team could assess your workers’ compensation claim eligibility in Glendale and advise you throughout the process to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Employer Requirements for Workers’ Compensation

In California, most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the size of their business. Benefits can include medical care, temporary or permanent disability payments, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits.

While the state requires this coverage, some employers may try to avoid workers’ compensation coverage requirements by using independent contractors instead of employees to perform their work. However, a title alone does not always mean the distinction between being eligible and not being eligible for workers’ comp in Glendale. Our team could review a specific set of circumstances to determine whether an employer is in compliance with state law and if a worker meets the criteria for benefit eligibility.

Employees and Workers’ Compensation Coverage

A person must prove three things to be eligible for workers’ compensation in California, including :

  • They are an employee
  • The illness or injury is work-related
  • They are not exempt under state law

Many people think they are employees as long as they work for someone. However, it is not that straightforward. Workers’ compensation does not typically cover certain types of workers like independent contractors, consultants, or volunteers. However, the circumstances rather than the title determine whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee. The amount of control the employer has over the worker’s actions can help courts determine a worker’s status.

Proving an Injury Is Work Related

When you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits, your illness or injury must be work-related, meaning it must occur due to tasks you perform on behalf of your employer. Common examples of workplace accidents that are covered include exposure to toxic substances, burns, repetitive stress injuries, delivery accidents, equipment malfunctioning, electrocution, falling objects, and caught in between accidents.

Many illnesses and injuries are clearly related to work. However, others may not be as obvious, such as injuries that occur while the worker is on break in the employer’s breakroom or an injury that occurs over time, like a rotator cuff issue from repetitive arm movements. Issues like this complicate a workers’ compensation claim and can make it hard for a Glendale worker to determine whether they should be eligible for benefits. Our team could provide a professional opinion regarding whether a claim should be eligible for coverage and help you determine your next steps.

Contact a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Eligibility Attorney Today

Do you think you are eligible for a workers’ compensation claim? The easiest way to find out is by talking with a trusted attorney. Not only can our team tell you if you are eligible, but we can also make sure you have the information you need to meet filing deadlines. Call Glauber Berenson Vego today to speak with a dedicated advocate regarding workers’ compensation claim eligibility in Glendale.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Eligibility in Glendale

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