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How To Proceed After Getting Injured

Getting injured on the job can be devastating. In addition to focusing on your physical recovery, you’ll also have to deal with medical bills, lost wages and even more expenses related to your well-being.

But how do you start the process of recovering compensation for your injury?

What To Do After An On-The-Job Injury

Every situation is different, just like no two injuries are exactly alike. However, there are some common elements.

If you’ve sustained an injury while on duty, you should:

  • Report the injury to your employer. Reporting an injury or illness promptly can help you greatly in the long run. Even if it’s a gradual onset injury, reporting it as soon as you believe it coincides with your work duties is important.
  • Get medical treatment. Whether you need to call 911 or visit a doctor, make sure that you get proper medical attention.
  • File a claim. This begins the workers’ compensation process. You should return the claim to your employer, and make sure they fill out the corresponding sections.

Whether your claim was accepted or denied can depend on several factors. Depending on your injury, you may be entitled to medical care, temporary or permanent disability benefits, or even supplemental job displacement benefits.

An attorney can help you sort out your situation and give you advice on how to proceed, whether or not your claim was accepted or denied.

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