Did something fall on you at work, resulting in an injury? If so, you may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. In California, most employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This safety net covers most workplace employees and provides benefits for medical care and lost wages when a worker is injured as a direct result of their job duties. A Glendale falling objects injury lawyer from our firm could review the details of your injury and advise you on your next steps.

Workers’ Compensation Can Help Someone With a Falling Objects Injury

Injuries from falling objects can range from mild to catastrophic. The benefits available also vary. In California, workers’ comp includes these main benefits:

  • Medical Care
  • Temporary Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Disability Benefits
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
  • Death Benefits

Almost every workers’ compensation claim will involve medical benefits. Their purpose is to provide all of the care reasonably required to cure and or relieve the effects of the injury. If an injury means the employee will miss work days, they may be eligible for temporary disability benefits.

Our trusted Glendale falling objects injury attorneys could help injured workers determine what benefits they may qualify for and provide guidance throughout the process.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Falling Objects Injury

There are three steps to a workers’ compensation claim. The initial action someone should take after sustaining injuries at work is reporting the injury to their employee as soon as possible. The employee must then file a claim with the employer. Finally, the employee applies for adjudication of the claim with the California WCAB (Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board).

Another vital element of obtaining workers’ comp is getting appropriate medical care. Seeking medical care is essential because the notes from providers support the injury claim.

For many injured employees, care starts with immediate first aid at the injury site or emergency medical care at a hospital or emergency center. If the employer supplies the medical provider, the provider should file an initial workers’ compensation report. Some physicians may misclassify injuries, so following up and ensuring they properly filed the injury report is vital. In a non-emergency scenario, a person can pre-designate a medical care provider. If they do not, the employer can say who the worker must see for medical care.

A Glendale lawyer with experience handling falling objects injuries could ensure an employee receives appropriate medical attention and follows all other requirements to minimize delays and the risk of denials.

What To Do If an Employer Denies a Workers’ Compensation Claim

A claim that is denied may need to go to trial. It is imperative that an injured worker gets to a neutral doctor as fast as possible to resolve the disputes. Having an experienced attorney to navigate the system of requesting a neutral doctor and getting to trial is incredibly important.

Get the Help of a Falling Objects Injury Attorney in Glendale

Recovering from a falling object injury can be difficult on its own. Adding the stress of seeking workers’ compensation coverage without proper guidance could hinder this healing and result in having your benefits denied. That is why it is vital to get help. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how a Glendale falling objects injury lawyer could advocate on your behalf.

Glendale Falling Objects Injury Lawyer

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