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Work-Related Auto Accidents

Workers’ compensation benefits may be available if a car crash occurs while you are driving somewhere in the course of your employment. For example, a collision on the way to a sales appointment or being rear-ended in a work truck while driving to a plumbing project would likely be covered as a work-related auto accident. A lawyer experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims can answer your eligibility questions.

For more than three decades, Glauber Berenson Vego has helped injured workers in Pasadena and Glendale get appropriate medical care and benefits. You will learn how the workers’ compensation process works. You can count on prompt answers to your questions and personal attention throughout your case.

When you are in a work-related car accident, you need to inform your employer right away. Providing this notice is important, especially when you do not know the extent of an injury.

Was Negligence Involved In the Accident?

If another driver was reaching for sunglasses or writing a text message right before he or she slammed into the back of your vehicle, there could also be a personal injury claim. Consulting with one of our experienced attorneys is often the only way to identify all possible claims.

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