Sustaining injuries on the job is always stressful, especially when you apply for workers’ compensation benefits and receive a denial from the insurance provider. Please remember that a denial of benefits does not mean you were not hurt.

Insurance adjusters work for an insurance company and not your employer which can result in unjust denials. Fortunately, there are many processes to protect workers in case of a denial. Meet with a qualified Downey workers’ compensation denial lawyer if you have questions or need assistance with your claim. Our team of trusted workers’ comp attorneys is here to help you get back on your feet.

Common Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Denials

Insurance providers may issue a denial of benefits for a wide range of reasons. Some of the most common grounds for denial include the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Errors in the application
  • Failing to meet deadline requirements
  • Failing to follow the doctor’s medical treatment plan
  • The insurance provider claiming the injury is not work-related
  • The failure to seek medical care from a healthcare professional immediately

Our Downey workers’ compensation denial attorneys could review and answer questions about the process and help decide the best way to move forward.

Denial of Benefits Because of a Medical Evaluation

The insurer may also deny benefits after reviewing the doctor’s medical assessment. When this happens, injured parties have the right to request a neutral doctor as a different opinion.

Steps To Take After a Workers’ Comp Denial

After the employee receives the denial letter, they have different options to dispute the denial. The injured worker can file for a hearing at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. A Workers’ Comp Judge (WCJ) will hear the case and make a determination. Some steps that can be taken to dispute a denial of workers’ compensation benefits includes:

  • Filing the Application for Adjudication of Claim
  • Requesting a hearing before the WCJ
  • Attending the mandatory settlement conference to try and settle the case without a trial
  • Attending the trial if parties cannot reach an agreement during the settlement conference
  • If the hearing does not lead to the desired outcome, the injured worker can appeal the judge’s decision with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

While workers who are denied benefits have a right to dispute the denial, this process the process is challenging. A workers’ compensation denial attorney in Downey could help navigate the procedure from beginning to end to reach a favorable outcome.

Meet With a Downey Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney

If the insurer denies your claim for workers’ compensation benefits, keep in mind that you still have options. While state laws do not require you to work with an attorney, it could significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome.

An experienced Downey workers’ compensation denial lawyer from our firm could help you navigate the process and ensure you meet the requirements of the statutes. Call today to schedule a consultation to review your case this week.

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