Severe burns can have devastating consequences for an injured worker and are among the most painful, debilitating injuries someone can sustain. These accidents can be caused by high-voltage shocks, chemical exposure, explosions, or open flames, and all require extensive medical care and ongoing surgical procedures.

When you have been injured due to a severe burn, you most likely will miss a significant amount of time from work. Consulting a skilled workplace injury attorney to advocate for you during this time is wise, as California labor laws entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits after sustaining injuries. Our Glendale workplace burn injury lawyers could help you understand your available options for pursuing compensation during an initial consultation.

Accidents Leading to Severe Burn Injuries

Thousands of people are in accidents that lead to severe burn injuries in the workplace each year, and some of the common causes include:

  • Electric shock
  • Chemical spills
  • Industrial and manufacturing job accidents
  • Company vehicle crashes leading to fires or explosions
  • Structure fires when property owners fail to comply with fire codes

It is also crucial to note that burns fall into three primary categories, depending on their severity. First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of skin, and people can usually treat them with a first aid kit. However, second-degree burns cover a substantial part of the body, and all third-degree burns require immediate treatment from a healthcare provider. A Glendale attorney could help an injured worker navigate the claims process for their burn injury and provide expert legal advice during this time.

Reporting the Injury and Seeking Medical Treatment

Workers must promptly notify their employer that they sustained an injury at work. If they cannot report the accident immediately, they must do so within 30 days or risk losing eligibility for benefits. Injured employees must also seek medical treatment at an emergency room or see an approved doctor.

According to the guidance provided by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, after seeking treatment, the injured party should ask their employer for a claim form, complete the employee section, and return it promptly. After receiving the completed form, the business must complete their section and forward it to their insurance provider. They must approve up to $10,000 in medical coverage within one day of receiving the document.

Available Benefits

Benefits available to workers after sustaining a burn injury include payment for all medical care, temporary or permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits. The purpose of carrying workers’ comp benefits is to lessen the financial burden for employees and protect employers from lawsuits. During the consultation, a Glendale lawyer could thoroughly review the rules and benefits for a workplace burn injury and answer specific questions.

Workers’ Comp Disputes

When injured workers disagree with a denial or the terms of benefits after receiving notice from the insurance provider, they have the legal right to dispute the decision. However, before initiating the process, they can attempt to settle the disagreement with the insurance provider or their employer. When negotiations are unsuccessful, they can file a dispute with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to begin the appeals process.

Contact a Glendale Workplace Burn Injury Attorney About Your Claim Today

All companies in California must provide workers’ compensation to their employees, whether they buy a policy from an insurance provider or choose to self-insure. A Glendale workplace burn injury lawyer could help you collect these benefits when you are injured at work.

Call today to schedule a consultation appointment with our detail-oriented attorneys. We could help you understand your available legal options.

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