Lifting injuries that affect the neck, back, and shoulders are relatively common in the workplace. When these accidents occur, it is essential to understand your rights for collecting workers’ compensation benefits. While most of these lifting-related injuries will heal over time, seeking help from a healthcare professional is vital for ensuring recovery and preventing a condition from worsening.

While working with a practiced workplace injury attorney is not a requirement, a well-versed legal professional from Glauber Berenson Vego could help you avoid timely delays and additional frustrations. Our Glendale heavy lifting injury lawyers are experienced in handling workers’ compensation cases and could help you through the complex legal process, from initiating the claim to its approval.

Heavy Lifting Injuries at Work

According to information from studies conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, injuries from lifting heavy objects are the most significant cause of injuries at work. Approximately 75 percent are back-related, including sprains, stains, or damaged ligaments, bones, and muscles. Factors that may lead to heavy lifting injuries on the job include:

  • The height an object must be lifted
  • How long the person holds a heavy object
  • The amount of time employees spend lifting objects
  • Whether they bend or twist in awkward positions while lifting

A Glendale attorney could help a person injured in a heavy lifting accident gather the necessary documentation to file a claim with their employer. Our tenacious lawyers could also provide expert legal advice throughout the entire process.

Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation protects workers by providing insurance coverage. California’s businesses must provide their employees benefits should they sustain injuries while performing their duties. The benefits cover medical costs related to the accident and other expenses, including:

  • Short-term disability payments for the time they miss from work
  • Long-term disability payments for complete or partial permanent medical conditions
  • Job training if they cannot return to the position they held before their work-related accident
  • Death benefits, which are available to surviving family members if the injuries are fatal

During the consultation, a Glendale attorney could answer specific questions about the potential benefits of a heavy-lifting injury claim and describe the necessary collection process.

No-Fault Coverage

California Workers’ Compensation laws follow a no-fault system. That means injured workers are eligible for benefits without proving that their employer or another party’s negligence caused them to sustain injuries.

Seeking Medical Care

As a Glendale attorney could explain, workers’ comp benefits cover healthcare expenses, including physicians, surgical procedures, prescriptions, medical equipment, and devices for those injured in a heavy lifting accident. Under the California Labor Code § 4600, anyone who has sustained injuries while performing their job duties can immediately receive payment for adequate medical treatment.

Employers must cover the cost needed to cure the individual, or when the injuries are permanent, the regulations entitle them to payment to relieve them of the symptoms. Injured employees must follow the guidelines, including seeing an authorized medical provider, or they risk losing eligibility. If the injuries require ongoing treatment, they may predesignate a doctor after 30 days.

Work With a Glendale Attorney To Understand Your Options After a Heavy Lifting Injury Today

Injuries in the workplace can be overwhelming, especially when you need ongoing healthcare services and cannot return until you recover. Fortunately, California ensures workers’ compensation benefits are available to those who sustain injuries while lifting heavy objects in the workplace. The benefits allow you to seek medical care and receive ongoing treatment while covering some of your expenses while you recuperate at home.

While the benefits are available in most cases, the legal system is complex, and seeking guidance from a Glendale heavy lifting injury lawyer could help you avoid hurdles and delays. Contact our firm today for an initial consultation and discuss your potential claim.

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