Toxic chemicals can severely threaten a person’s health. Because exposure can be subtle and the effects may not be immediately apparent, it can take a long time for symptoms to appear. Sometimes, it may be years before people realize that toxic substance exposure has made them sick.

If you suspect that harmful chemicals are responsible for your chronic health condition, you may be entitled to a substantial recovery, and it could be crucial to talk to a well-versed workplace injury attorney. Speak with a Glendale toxic chemical exposure lawyer from Glauber Berenson Vego to understand your available options.

What Are Toxic Chemicals?

Toxicity refers to the degree that something is poisonous to a particular individual or group. Determining toxicity levels can be difficult because most substances are toxic in large amounts. For example, it is possible, though rare, to die from drinking too much water. However, water is not considered a toxic substance. Some substances may not be harmful in limited quantities but can be after long-term exposure.

Some well-known examples of toxic substances include:

  • Lead
  • Radon
  • Mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum products
  • Paint and paint thinners

Exposure occurs through ingestion, inhalation, and absorption through the skin. The method of exposure can impact the level of toxicity as well. A Glendale lawyer who handles toxic chemical exposure cases could provide advice regarding whether toxins contributed to an illness or injury.

Exposure to Toxins

Toxin exposure occurs in a variety of ways. Drinking water, children’s toys, and household building materials are three sneaky ways toxic chemicals creep into people’s lives. Any time a manufacturer uses a known toxin in an everyday product without adequately warning consumers, they increase the risk of chemical poisoning.

California regulates known toxins well, including rules for handling transportation, storage, and disposal. Despite regulations, people can still face exposure through accidental releases, crashes, illegal dumping, improper disposal, and groundwater contamination. People with workplace exposure are in one of the highest-risk groups for poisoning. Miners, agricultural workers, plant workers, welders, painters, maritime workers, and people who work in manufacturing facilities are at an elevated risk.

Limiting Risk of Exposure

Often, there are steps a person can take to mitigate the risks of toxin exposure. Using respirators, gloves, hoods, and other protective equipment may allow someone to use those substances safely. In those instances, a Glendale attorney may perform an investigation to determine whether an employer or other responsible party provided adequate protective equipment to prevent toxic chemical exposure.

Understanding the Impact of Illnesses and Injuries

Toxic chemicals cause various illnesses and injuries. Some may be mild but with no lasting effects. For example, many people will experience headaches when exposed to paint fumes but be fine after getting fresh air. Other illnesses can be deadly. Generally, the greater the amount of the toxin and the length of exposure, the greater the injury it causes.

There are three main types of chemical injuries: burns, poison, and disease. Chemicals can burn the skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs. Poison damages organs and may create short-term or long-term symptoms, such as breathing difficulties, nausea, or unconsciousness. Diseases can include cancer, which is the result of changes at a cellular level.

How To Prove Fault

Proving causation involves demonstrating that toxic exposure caused an illness or injury. In some instances, proving causation is simple. However, since it can take years for symptoms to occur, it can be challenging to demonstrate that a toxin is the cause of an injury. That is why it is crucial to consult a Glendale lawyer who has experience handling these cases and understands how to look for scientific studies linking toxic chemical exposure to any symptoms.

Talk to a Glendale Toxic Chemical Exposure Attorney About Your Options Today

Injuries from toxic chemicals can be life-changing and devastating. When someone’s negligence caused your chemical exposure, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

Talk with a knowledgeable Glendale toxic chemical exposure lawyer from Glauber Berenson Vego. Our skilled legal professionals could review your symptoms and evidence of exposure and advise you regarding your next steps. Schedule a consultation at our firm today.

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