The laws in California require every employer with one or more workers to offer workers’ compensation coverage. This means that when you sustain injuries or an illness while carrying out your job duties, you may be eligible to collect benefits such as medical care and wage reimbursement.

While most employees are eligible, that does not mean the process of obtaining benefits is a short or simple one. When you have questions or would like more information, speak with our trusted attorneys about how to apply for workers’ compensation in Downey.

California Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under the workers’ compensation statute in California, employees that sustain injuries or an illness on the job could be eligible for the following benefits:

Medical Care

Medical care benefits cover the reasonable and necessary healthcare costs needed to recover from the injury or illness. According to the instruction of the California Labor Code § 4600, medical care coverage includes but is not limited to doctor visits, treatment and tests, medical equipment and prescriptions, and chiropractic visits or therapies.

Temporary or Permanent Disability Benefits

Temporary disability benefits cover lost wages while the employee is at home recovering. If they cannot return to their position before the accident, they could be eligible to collect permanent disability benefits.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

Supplemental job displacement benefits are vouchers to use as payment for training or to enhance the worker’s skills when they have to seek a different form of employment due to their injuries. Those with a permanent disability can use the training to find a position to supplement their disability payments.

Death Benefits

When a worker has an accident leading to fatal injuries, their family may be eligible to collect death benefits. Eligible family members can include spouses, children, and other dependents.

Our team can help you understand more about the potential Downey workers’ compensation benefits you may qualify for and how to apply for them successfully.

Important Steps When Applying for Workers’ Compensation

After suffering an injury or illness at work, following specific guidelines and meeting the essential deadlines when applying for workers’ compensation benefits is crucial. After the incident, the worker should seek medical care immediately and follow their doctor’s medical plan. Other vital steps in the process include:

Reporting the Injury to the Employer

The worker should report the injury to their employer immediately, if possible. However, when they cannot immediately alert their employer, they should do so at the next available opportunity to avoid unnecessary delays and denials.

Filing the Claim for Benefits

The employer should forward a claim form to the injured worker to complete and submit to the insurance provider within one day of learning of the incident. If the employer does not deliver the application within a day, the injured employee can download it themselves at the California Division of Workers’ Compensation website.

The employee must carefully follow the instructions on the form, or they risk delaying benefits or receiving a denial in error. Our experienced Downey attorneys can provide further instruction on applying for workers’ comp to avoid potential issues.

Call Our Team to Learn How to Apply for Downey Workers’ Compensation

Missing a deadline or providing incomplete information could result in missing out on the benefits you deserve after a workplace injury. Our hard-working team can help you apply for workers’ compensation in Downey and ensure you understand the process to avoid unintentional mistakes.

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How To Apply for Workers’ Compensation in Downey

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