Employees across multiple professions risk hearing loss from exposure to a noise hazard or a work-related accident. Hearing loss is one of the most reported occupational injuries. When you or a loved one has experienced this work-related injury, a diligent workers’ compensation attorney could examine the facts surrounding your claim to ensure you understand your available options for pursuing a case.

Our seasoned Downey hearing loss lawyers at Glauber Berenson Vego could help you seek the benefits you deserve. An experienced attorney could assist you from the earliest stages of your workers’ compensation claim while helping you navigate the hurdles that may arise in your case.

Common Causes of Occupational Hearing Loss

Work-related hearing loss can happen when a sudden accident damages a worker’s hearing, such as an explosion or a fire. This type of injury can also occur from prolonged exposure to loud noises. Often, these injuries may happen in industrial environments where workers are regularly adjacent to heavy machinery. Work environments, such as factories and warehouses, are commonly reported areas where hearing loss can occur.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has identified that working around certain noise levels can become a severe work hazard. For companies that employ workers subjected to 85 decibels or higher over eight hours in a working day, businesses must have hearing conservation programs to mitigate potential hearing loss.

People employed in oil and gas, transportation, or construction sites may also be subjected to persistent and potentially damaging noise levels. For example, while noise levels exceeding 70 decibels can cause hearing damage with chronic exposure, construction equipment can feature levels anywhere from 80 to 120.

How to Know if Hearing Loss Happened

Multiple signs could indicate that hearing loss has occurred, either from a traumatic accident or exposure that happens over time. Ringing or buzzing in the ears, trouble hearing people speaking in a regular tone, difficulty understanding other people in a noisy environment, or needing to ask people to speak more clearly could indicate profound hearing loss. A Downey attorney could assist workers facing occupational hearing loss in taking swift action to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Getting Compensation for Hearing Loss from Work

The majority of employers in California carry workers’ compensation coverage. These benefits can pay for required medical care and compensate for a portion of a worker’s lost income after sustaining an injury on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits are granted on a no-fault basis, which means liability is not usually considered when filing a compensation claim. After sustaining hearing loss at work, it is vital that the injured worker notify their employer as soon as possible and speak with a Downey attorney for help.

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover various costs associated with an injury like hearing loss. These can include the cost of ongoing treatment for the injury, such as medications, surgeries, and any other required medical procedures. If the worker must miss some time off work because of the hearing loss, they may qualify for temporary disability benefits. In situations where the injury prevents workers from returning to their total level of work, they could be eligible for permanent disability benefits. In some cases, vocational training benefits may also help workers receive the necessary education to obtain other types of gainful employment.

Speak with a Downey Hearing Loss Attorney Today

When you have work-related hearing loss, it could impact your ability to keep up with your profession’s duties and impose a serious financial burden. A Downey hearing loss lawyer could collect all applicable supporting evidence and help you thoroughly document your injury.

Let our knowledgeable attorneys be your legal advocate throughout the claims process. Contact our office today to speak with a skilled lawyer about your potential case.

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