Workers’ compensation benefits provide medical care and wage replacement to employees who become injured or sick because of their work. Pre-existing conditions for workers in Downey are health problems that existed before a person was injured or became sick from their work-related activities. These conditions can sometimes impact a person’s workers’ compensation claim in California.

While insurance companies do deny benefits to employees with pre-existing injuries, this is not always the case. Even when you have a related pre-existing condition, you can prove that a work accident worsened it. A seasoned workers’ compensation attorney from Glauber Berenson Vego could help demonstrate that your injury is within the scope of your employment.

Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions on Workers’ Compensation Claims

In California, workers who are injured in an on-the-job accident are entitled to reasonable medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability benefits, and compensation for a job-related injury. However, pre-existing conditions can significantly impact someone’s eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits in Downey.

When an employee has a pre-existing condition, their employer’s insurance company might argue that the injury or illness was not caused by a work-related accident but was a result of their condition. Some examples of pre-existing conditions could include chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, as well as previous injuries or surgeries. For example, a worker with a pre-existing back injury could aggravate their injury by lifting heavy objects at work, and insurers may deny or limit their workers’ compensation benefits, claiming that the injury was not work-related. However, it is still possible to prove that the injury was aggravated by job duties with the help of a well-versed attorney.

Addressing Pre-Existing Conditions for Workers Seeking Benefits

Insurance companies that provide workers’ compensation coverage to employers are considered for-profit entities. This means that it is their job to reduce business costs, even if it comes at the expense of an injured employee. Insurance adjusters are trained to scrutinize every aspect of a claim to find ways to reduce an employee’s coverage. One way they do this is by identifying pre-existing conditions. While pre-existing conditions can limit injured workers’ benefits, it does not mean they are not entitled to coverage in Downey.

For workers with preexisting conditions seeking benefits for a work-related injury, there are ways to address the condition and negotiate with the insurer. One of the ways attorneys do this is by proving the injury was directly caused by a work accident or was exasperated by it. When an injured worker has the assistance of a skilled lawyer from our firm at the beginning of their claim, it can ensure that the claims process goes smoothly. Our legal team could negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that a person receives adequate coverage despite their preexisting condition and could dispute the decision if the claim is denied.

Contact a Downey Attorney Today for Help With a Claim Regarding a Pre-Existing Condition Today

Claims that involve pre-existing conditions for workers in Downey can be challenging to navigate on your own. However, even when you have a pre-existing condition, your employer must cover injuries on the job. Our dedicated legal professionals will represent you and gather the necessary evidence to prove your case.

When you are having trouble obtaining the workers’ compensation coverage you deserve, you have options. Contact the legal team at Glauber Berenson Vego to discuss pursuing a claim during a consultation.

Pre-Existing Conditions for Workers in Downey

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