Shoulder injuries often happen in the workplace, in office settings, and in industrial environments like construction sites. When a shoulder injury occurs, performing even the most straightforward part of your job may prove difficult. When you have sustained a shoulder injury at work, it is wise to consult a tenacious workers’ compensation attorney for help understanding your legal options during this difficult time.

A Downey workplace shoulder injury lawyer could advocate for your right to total and fair compensation when you have been injured. Our diligent attorneys at Glauber Berenson Vego could give you more information about seeking workers’ compensation benefits and stand by your side during each step of the process.

Understanding the Cause of Workplace Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries in the workplace are remarkably prevalent, and workers in almost any profession can sustain this kind of injury. For example, office workers who sit at their desks for long periods and perform repetitive tasks such as typing can sustain severe shoulder strain over time, especially if they are not allowed proper breaks. These injuries are also frequently reported in settings where workers use heavy equipment or machinery, such as construction sites and warehouses. A serious slip and fall, pushing or being struck by a heavy object, or lifting an overly heavy item could also lead to a workplace shoulder injury.

Commonly reported shoulder injuries include:

  • Fractures
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Dislocation
  • Labrum tears
  • Nerve damage

When a shoulder injury is caused by repetitive trauma or from a one-time accident, a Downey attorney could provide immediate and invaluable legal assistance. Our legal team could analyze all the events that may have caused a potential injury and investigate the benefits an injured worker may be entitled to in a claim.

Workplace Shoulder Injury Claim Process

After a shoulder injury occurs at work, in addition to receiving any necessary emergency medical care, the worker must notify their employer immediately. If possible, that notification should occur the same day the injury happens. A Downey attorney could oversee every phase of a workplace shoulder injury claim, from filing the initial paperwork to demonstrating eligibility for benefits. The employee should be entitled to claim benefits right away.

However, insurance carriers frequently delay these claims to determine the underlying situation and understand whether the injury happened at work. This can result in workers waiting for benefits that they desperately need. A knowledgeable attorney could help file a timely claim and advocate on the workers’ behalf for the maximum payout of benefits. The employer should provide the injured worker with a list of medical providers covered for their shoulder injury. The person seeking benefits should also be able to receive necessary medical care while the administrator is reviewing the claims paperwork.

After an Accepted or Denied Claim

When the claim is accepted, the injured worker can continue treatment for their shoulder injury, which could include a regimen of prescription medications, physical therapy, and even surgery in some cases. When a claim is denied, an attorney could begin the appeal process to show eligibility for benefits.

The workers’ compensation carrier should reimburse all required medical care. The injured person’s physician will also provide information to the insurance company about their ability to return to work. If the shoulder injury temporarily prevents them from working normally or in any capacity, the person may be entitled to claim temporary disability benefits that pay for part of their lost wages.

Returning to Work

A worker would usually only return to full duty once their doctor deems that they have reached maximum medical improvement for their shoulder injury, which is the point at which treatment no longer offers a clinical benefit. In some cases, a shoulder injury can result in permanent impairment. In that case, the worker may be entitled to claim permanent disability benefits. A Downey attorney could advise a person what benefits may be available based on the facts and circumstances of a specific shoulder injury claim.

Consult with a Downey Workplace Shoulder Injury Attorney About Your Claim Today

Claiming the benefits you are entitled to is not always straightforward. Employers frequently try to contest or deny workers’ compensation claims, and insurance carriers are notorious for doing the same. When you sustained a shoulder injury at work, you should be able to focus on getting the treatment you need to recover.

A Downey workplace shoulder injury lawyer could help manage your case from its earliest stages and help you avoid potentially costly mistakes that could derail your claim for benefits. Contact our office today for a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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